Homemade Hummus Recipe

homemade-hummus-recipe-2 There is nothing more I love than chilling out at the end of a long day off (generally revising, gardening, or painting and decorating) with an icy cold beverage and some nibbles. However, nibbles are dangerous. Before I know it I have eaten probably three quarters of a large bag Read on

Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies Scrumptious Recipe

cadbury-creme-egg-brownies-scrumptious-recipe-1 These brownies are actually worth going home on your lunch for if you haven’t packed them in to your lunch box…seriously. I was trying my best to start being healthier after a bridesmaid fitting I had this weekend… the fitting made me realise I have two months left to feel Read on

Homemade Waffle Recipe With Sweetened Blueberries

homemade-waffle-recipe-with-sweetened-blueberries-2 Woah, life has been busy for me lately and I can only hope that I am slowly getting some more free time for my blog. Just a quick update for why I have not been online, but I have bought my first house (hooray!), changed jobs and I attend college! Read on

Hotpoint RFAA52S First Edition Fridge Freezer Review

hotpoint-RFAA52S-first-edition-fridge-freezer-review Hey Everyone!I’ m so pleased to say that I am officially a homeowner! It is great fun so far, however, when you have nothing to fill your home with it can be daunting deciding what to buy. Everything adds up and you don’t want to be wasting money on things Read on

Creamy Cauliflower Soup Recipe

creamy-cauliflower-soup-recipe When it comes to the colder months of the year you really have to love homemade soup. Generally it is cheap to make, warming, comforting and not that bad for you at all! I enjoy soup at work and some nights for tea with a warm crusty roll. Delicious. With Read on