Author: Emma Thompson

I've been in the kitchen ever since I can remember, creating recipes, cooking my favourite meals and baking all kinds of treats. CookBakeEat was setup so I can share my recipes with others, as well as writing about other topics in my life and providing helpful tips I think people will find useful.

The 8 Best Thermos Flasks For 2019

best thermos flask

You know how it is. You get to work one day, ready to reheat that leftover soup you were really looking forward to having for lunch, only to find that the microwave’s broken, or someone else is using it. Same goes when it comes to your mid-morning tea or coffee;

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Best Hot Water Dispenser For Instant Boiling Water 2019

best hot water dispenser

There are many uses for hot water dispensers, including not having to wait for the kettle to boil, and saving energy. However, how do you know which one to buy? The market is flooded with such products, but knowing which is good value and which is worth avoiding is vital.

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Super Food Vegetable Pasta Recipe

Super Food Vegetable Pasta Recipe 5

This is one of my favourite recipes at the moment! Perfect for a dinner party, or just for a nutritious, quick meal. This super food vegetable pasta recipe is full of goodness with a few carbs for extra energy. I’ve stuck to mainly green vegetables (with the odd tomato for

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12 Best Cooker Hoods & Kitchen Extractor Fans 2019

Best Cooker Hoods & Kitchen Extractor Fans

When you put food on the dinner table, it is often an aromatic, delicious representation of the cooking process. What some people don’t realize is that the actual process of cooking the food is not always as aromatic as the finished dish. Cooking some foods creates odours. Some cooking processes

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9 Best Air Fryers For Healthy Low Fat Frying 2019

Best air fryer

Nowadays, people are looking for healthier and alternative ways to cook their food, without having to rely on conventional cooking methods such as deep fat frying (especially methods which can result in a very high calorie and saturated fat intake).

9 Best Air Fryers For Healthy Low Fat Frying 2019
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Yummy Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies


These creme egg tray bake brownies are actually worth going home on your lunch for if you haven’t packed them in to your lunch box…seriously. I was trying my best to start being healthier after a bridesmaid fitting I had this weekend… the fitting made me realise I have two

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7 Best Milk Frothers For Amazing Coffee In 2019

Best milk frother for coffee

Most people need a shot of espresso, a cup of foam-rich café latte or a frothy matcha green tea before heading to work. Coffee and tea lovers are obsessed with figuring out the right amount of coffee beans or tea leaves to add to water or milk, which brands provide

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The Highwayman Inn, Nether Burrow, Cumbria – Birthday Outing

The Highwayman, Cumbria - Menu

Happy belated Birthday to me! Well, I have turned another year older and I am now on the wrong side of twenty. I did exactly what I wanted to do and that was to enjoy a lazy picnic day on the lake shore, go on a huge walk around a

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Dreamy White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes Recipe

Dreamy White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcake Recipe 3

Oh my, these little gems are absolutely gorgeous! This is my dreamy white chocolate & raspberry recipe post for Valentines day and trust me, your other half will be made up with these! I will certainly be making these again this weekend for my boyfriend as he loved them!

Dreamy White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcake Recipe 5


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Strawberry Scones with Strawberry Cream Recipe



So Summer is coming and I am loving fresh strawberries and yoghurt!I was watching James Martin making scones on Saturday Kitchen and I thought I would experiment a little and make strawberry scones. These scones are light, fluffy with a hint of strawberry. Perfect for afternoon tea.



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