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Electric Frying Pan Buying Guide

Best Electric Frying Pan

There is an old saying that a bad workman blames their tools. And while that might be true to a point, it’s going to be difficult to do anything to a good standard with a cheap and cheerful option that can’t withstand even the most basic rigours of regular use. This certainly goes for kitchenwares, and a quality frying pan is an indispensable part of any kitchen setup.

Nowadays, frying pans have developed a surpising amount, and electric frying pans and skillets are proving themselves more and more as versatile additions to the modern kitchen. Needing no more than counter space and a single outlet, you might just find that you’ll benefit from one in your own home. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best electric frying pans around today to help you take your kitchen, and your cooking, up a notch.

1. Andrew James Multi Cooker

Andrew James Multi CookerThis electric pan from Andrew James comes in a generous 42cm diameter, meaning that it will comfortably accommodate even family-sized portions of cooking. The 10cm depth also makes it a good choice for deep-frying or cooking larger food items. The built-in thermostat gives you 5 different levels of adjustability over the temperature of your food, all the way up to 240°C, giving you a decent level of control over your cooking.

It’s built from a stainless-steel outer body and the cooking surface comes with a non-stick coating, meaning less oil is needed and cleaning is as simple as can be. The glass lid supplied also gives you the freedom to keep a close watch on your food as it cooks without any heat loss. Other useful features include the cool-touch handles and detachable power cord, designed to go from kitchen to table simply and safely.

  • Large cooking surface
  • 5 heat settings
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient for serving
  • Slow to heat up

2. Quest 35500 Multi-Function Electric Cooker Pan

Quest 35500 Multifunction Electric Cooker PanQuest’s all-purpose electric pan is capable of cooking meals big or small thanks to a spacious 40cm diameter. The high sides of the appliance also lend it a little extra versatility should you want to deep-fry, braise or prepare large items. The pan itself is built from a sturdy and light aluminium outer and has a non-stick lining on the cooking surface, giving you a much easier job to clean as well as cook on.

The lid is also made from a toughened glass which features a steam vent to keep temperatures and pressures steady. A detachable power cord and cool touch handles give you added versatility by allowing you to move the pan for ease of service. 5 temperatures can be set, ranging from 100 to 240°C, to give you a great level of control over what you’re cooking.

  • 5 temperatures
  • Steam vent in lid
  • Useful size
  • Inconsistent heating

3. VonShef Multi Cooker Electric Frying Pan

Vonshef Multi Cooker Electric Frying PanVonShef’s circular Multi Cooker and Electric Frying Pan is a great little all-in-one appliance. Thanks to 5 different temperature settings, going all the way to 240°C, you are given a high level of control over the cooking heat. The pan itself is a compact 30cm in diameter, sufficient space to comfortably prepare a couple of large portions, while a 4cm pan depth gives a little extra versatility in food types.

The cooking surface has a non-stick coating, great for cooking with minimal oil and easy cleaning, while the outer section is made from durable and lightweight aluminium. A lid with steam vent allows you to check on proceedings with the security of no pressure buildups, and cool touch handles mean you can carry the pan around risk-free. The cord is also detachable to let you take the pan from kitchen to table.

  • Good build quality
  • Non-stick coating
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Quite shallow

4. Elgento Electric Frying Pan

Elgento Electric Frying PanThis squared electric frying pan by Elgento offers a 30x30cm cooking surface which, thanks to its shape, maximises the appliance’s cooking space. As such, it would comfortably handle family-size cooking. Benefitting from a non-stick coating, less oil is needed for healthier food preparation while the surface wipes clean once cool.

You’re given a good amount of control over the cooking temperature by merit of the 5-setting thermostat, and consistent heat distribution is aided by the textured finish to the cooking surface. A tempered glass lid, complete with steam vent, lets you keep track of how your food is cooking while minimising pressure buildup. The user-friendly design is topped off with cool touch handles and a detachable cable, for simple service, while non-slip feet also ensure your counters and tables are well-protected.

  • Large cooking surface
  • Textured pan
  • Non-slip feet
  • Extendable warranty
  • Lid may gather steam

5. Cooks Professional Electric Frying Pan

Cooks Professional Multi Cooker Electric Frying PanThis electric frying pan by Cooks Professional is available in two sizes, either 32 or 42cm, to accommodate any cooking needs, be it for small or large households. This, plus a decent depth, gives you a fair amount of freedom to cook plenty of food without any risk of spillage over the sides. A toughened glass lid with a steam vent also keeps pressure under control, all the while letting you keep a close watch on your food.

The cooking surface features a non-stick coating, allowing you to cook with ease, but also to clean the appliance simply. Carry handles, which stay cool and a detachable power cable give you freedom to move between the kitchen counter and service with the greatest of ease. Non-slip feet also ensure stability and no damage to surfaces.

  • Different sizes available
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Easy to move
  • Middling build quality
  • Quite shallow

6. Tower 5-in-1 Electric Frying Pan

Tower 5in1 Electric Frying PanAs the name suggests, this electric frying pan from Tower features 5 different dedicated sections, individually separated across the total 28x43cm surface. This means that you have the freedom to cook a great deal of different things all at the same time, ideal if you want to keep sauces separate from other things during preparation. Tower also utilizes a proprietary Cerastone non-stick coating, which wipes clean and can cook with minimal or even no oil.

The temperature is adjustable to 5 different settings between 80 and 200°C, consistently heating each of the 5 sections. An indicator light also shows when the pan is up to temperature, meaning you’re in total control of your cooking. Cool touch handles mean the heat is kept to the pan and gives you the convenience to carry the pan from counter to table, aided by the removable power cable.

  • Cerastone non-stick coating
  • 5 cooking areas
  • Indicator light
  • Lower maximum temperature

7. VonShef Square Multi Cooker Electric Frying Pan

Vonshef Square Multi Cooker Electric Frying PanVonShef’s rounded-square Multi Cooker and Electric Frying Pan is an excellent multi-purpose kitchen appliance. Adjustable temperatures all the way up to 240°C across 5 different settings lends a high level of control over the cooking heat. The pan is 30x30cm, perfect for a couple of large portions (or even more smaller ones!), and with a 5cm depth also works well for other cooking methods such as deep-frying or braising.

The main body of the pan is built from tough, lightweight aluminium while the inside utilizes a non-stick coating. Therefore, you can cook more healthily with minimal oil, as well as being able to wipe the whole thing clean with ease when cool. The lid is made from toughened glass with a steam vent, so you can keep an eye on your cooking as well as not worrying about steam building up. Cool touch handles let you carry the pan around risk-free while a detachable cable lets you take the pan from counter to dining table.

  • Large cooking area
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 2-year warranty
  • Awkward thermostat placement

8. Judge Electric Skillet

Judge Electric SkilletThis electric skillet by Judge features a generous capacity, with the rounded oblong shape giving a cooking surface of 32x45cm, which will comfortably handle large batches of food. The depth is also a big plus, with 6cm high sides combining with a generously domed lid to give maximal volume for large foodstuffs. The lid itself is also made from a toughened glass and features a steam vent to prevent unwanted pressure buildups.

Judge’s stone effect non-stick coating requires little to no oil for healthier cooking, also wiping clean once you’re finished with it. The ample twin carry handles make for a high degree of portability, staying cool even when the pan is up to its maximum temperature. The temperature can also be set between 5 different levels, and the cable can be detached to allow you to carry food to the table.

  • Large capacity
  • Good depth
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Non-stick coating
  • Middling build quality

9. Tower Electric Sauté Pan

Tower Electric Saute PanThe 30x30cm size of Tower’s rounded square Electric Sauté Pan ensure that its large enough to prepare enough food even to the scale of large families or dinner parties. Wherever you need to take the pan, the cable is detachable and the twin carry handles feature a rubber sleeve for extra grip and heat-proofing to protect your hands. Non-slip feet also maximise the portability.

Thanks to a ceramic cooking surface, which is naturally non-stick, cooking requires little to no oil and can therefore be healthier. The thermostat is also adjustable through 5 different settings, giving you control to make sure everything gets cooked perfectly. The non-stick coating is also easy to clean, and the lid – made from toughened glass to keep an eye on what’s cooking, with a steam vent to help keep pressure stable – is dishwasher safe.

  • Ceramic cooking surface
  • Rubberised handles
  • Heats up quickly
  • May overheat

10. Morphy Richards Supreme Precision Electric SkilletMorphy Richards Supreme Precision Electric Skillet

The Supreme Precision Electric Skillet by Morphy Richards doesn’t necessarily, at first glance, look like an electric frying pan. Everything is internal and built into the base of the pan, giving it a stylish and relatively minimalist profile when not plugged in. Nonetheless, it still packs in a 32cm diameter and is generously deep at over 6cm. Therefore, it’s perfectly capable of deep-frying, braising or simply cooking for a party. The pan itself is made of a high-quality non-stick coating for the surface and stainless-steel outer, both of which are durable and wipe clean.

The non-stick coating also heats very evenly, with the temperature adjustable through 90 to 190°C, with the thermostat clearly marking the specific temperature. A tempered glass lid lets you keep track of the cooking, with a steam vent to let unwanted pressure buildups out. Once everything’s cooked, simply detach the cable and use the rubberized carry handles to take the pan to the table, with non-slip feet keeping your surfaces protected.

  • Stylish finish
  • Rubberised handles
  • Temperature markings
  • Good non-stick coating
  • Expensive

11. Geepas Multifunctional Electric Skillet

Geepas Multifunctional Electric SkilletThis multi-function electric frying pan by Geepas utilises a generous 30x30cm capacity and is a few centimetres deep to comfortably cook for larger groups. The cooking surface itself features a non-stick coating, which distributes heat evenly to make sure everything is cooked properly. The surface also, therefore, wipes clean in a straightforward way.

The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature through 5 different levels, and the cable can be detached from the main pan when cooking’s done and it’s time to serve. The carry handles are also made from a non-conductive material so you can be sure of cool hands. The lid supplied is also made from a sturdy tempered glass to let you keep an eye on things while cooking and has a steam vent to keep internal pressures down.

  • Precise thermostat
  • Cool touch handles
  • Non-stick coating
  • May overheat

Which Electric Frying Pan to Go for?

Best quality & features – Morphy Richards’ Supreme Precision Electric Skillet embodies the classic adage of getting what you pay for. It may be a bit on the pricey side compared to similar items, but you’re paying for the quality synonymous with the brand. The non-stick coating is among the best there is, while the stainless-steel outer not only looks fantastic (and would be at home in any kitchen, modern or rustic) but is also tremendously durable and easy to clean. The temperature markers on the thermostat, as opposed to the common 1-5 markings, do offer an extra level of precision as well.

On a budget – VonShef’s round Multi Cooker and Electric Frying Pan proves that a lot can go into a very wallet-friendly price point, given that you could buy several and still have change compared to the most expensive comparable model. Benefitting from a sturdy build quality, robust non-stick coating and a good size, it’s very hard to go wrong at this end of the price spectrum.

The best for small kitchens – The slim profile of the Quest Multi-Function Electric Cooker Pan makes it a sure thing for compact kitchens. In its 30cm size, it should still be deep enough to cook for even a handful of people, but with the heat-proof handles cutting a very minimalist figure against the sides of the pan, this promises to fit neatly into any kitchen.

For big volumes of cooking – The Andrew James Multi Cooker and its 42cm diameter of cooking space wins out for when large volumes of food are the order of the day. Whether it’s a dinner party or simply a cooked breakfast for all the family, there’s little to no chance you’ll run out of space or overcrowd the pan with too much food.

Most versatile cooking – The 5 compartments of the Tower 5-in-1 Electric Frying Pan single it out as the ideal choice for versatility, giving you the freedom to cook a large number of different things at the same time in the same pan. Trying to balance different pans all at the same time can be an absolute nightmare sometimes, especially when you start running out of hobs/burners to use, so having (effectively) 5 pans in 1 more or less eliminates this stress.

Best for camping – The Judge Electric Skillet represents and excellent choice if you’re hitting the road and want to take the closest thing to a full kitchen with you. Its size means it shouldn’t take up too much valuable packing space, while an ample depth of around 6cm gives it the volume for even larger camping parties. Plus, the wipe-clean non-stick coating removes the need to carry more cleaning supplies than necessary.

Electric Frying Pan Buying Guide

Electric Frying Pan Buying Guide

Electric frying pans are versatile gadgets that might just make your life a lot easier. Fundamentally, they’re multi-purpose appliances that work well in a small space, for instance if you don’t have the space for a fully kitted-out kitchen. You might not have a convenient gas supply or want to cut down on your gas bills if you do, which is one benefit of an electric pan. They also don’t radiate quite as much heat as gas hobs do, which can be an absolute lifesaver especially when cooking during the hot summer months and do a good job of keeping cooking temperatures level and consistent, which open flames can’t always do. Plus, their versatility extends even as far as service, as they can act as hot plates and keep things warm for large groups.

There can be a lot to consider when trying to decide which electric frying pan is best for you, in terms of what kind of cooking you do, how big of a pan you need, how easy it is to clean and more. So, take a look at our buying guide to clear up some of your burning (frying?!) questions and make the most of your electric frying pan.

Cooking styles

This comes down to what you like to cook, and how you like to do it. If you’re a deep-frying kind of person, then make sure that you pick an electric frying pan with high enough sides to accommodate the larger amounts of oil that deep-frying calls for. This cooking style also needs higher temperatures, so make sure that you buy one that can reach the heat you need. Or maybe if you’re a stews/sauces/soups type, a glass lid might be an extra essential requirement. These considerations are expanded on below, so keep reading!

Pan material

By and large, electric frying pans come with a degree of non-stick coating. Most have a metal outer body with a layered cooking surface, and most bodies are either aluminium or stainless steel, which is an issue of weight. For the surfaces, it might be a Teflon coating, or it could be ceramic. The difference is that ceramic has a better track record of withstanding high heats, unlike traditional non-tick coatings which may begin to degrade with high temperatures. You may also find stainless-steel pans which are typically more expensive than their aluminium counterparts, but usually hold heat a little more consistently – the trade-off here is that steel is not non-stick.

The pan material also ties into ease of cleaning – non-stick surfaces can be wiped clean, typically with water and a mild detergent. Other types might need soaking, but just beware of the manufacturer’s guidelines on immersion in water.


A glass lid on a frying pan can be invaluable. They allow users to key a close eye on food during cooking while keeping the heat safely locked inside the pan, which might be incredibly useful for sautéing, frying and keeping track of soups and stews. Also keep your eyes peeled for pans with steam vents on the lids. These allow you to keep internal pressures consistent, which in the long run means you’re at less risk of stuff spilling out of the sides. Lids also come in varieties that lock, which can be another helpful feature when transporting food from stove to table. As a final thought on lids, height might be another consideration – a high dome on your lid might allow you the room to roast or cook larger items, so a whole chicken pan-roasted in your electric skillet might not be a million miles away!

Size and shape

Size is a multi-faceted consideration. Firstly, you have to think about the size of the cooking surface itself. The majority of electric frying pans come in at around 30cm in diameter, which is a fairly reliable all-purpose size. But if you find yourself cooking larger volumes of food, then you’ll undoubtedly need to invest in bigger pan.

Height is also another factor, as mentioned in ‘Cooking Styles’. A high-sided electric frying pan is essential for sautéing, deep-frying or preparing soups and stews etc. And, as above in ‘Lids’, if you’re keen to try roasting large items in your pan then a high-sided pan with a high-domed lid will be invaluable.

The shape of a pan will usually be one of three choices; round, square or oblong, and it’s up to you to decide which suits you best. Round pans typically are better for tossing food in, which is why the majority of frying pans are that shape. Square or oblong ones however reduce the risk of overcrowding the pan.

The final thought on size is not on the cooking surface, but on the appliance itself relative to your kitchen. Usually, electric frying pans are larger than average frying pans by merit of the added size of the hot plate, so just keep in mind how much space you have to work with in your kitchen first.

Temperature controls

The temperature control is one of the key features of the electric frying pan – it gives you extra control over the temperature you’re cooking at and keeps it there, for more consistent cooking. This consideration again links to ‘Cooking Styles’ as it’s worth checking the maximum heat a pan can go to. Most will achieve 200°C (400°F), but if you’re using your electric frying pan for a spot of deep-frying then you’ll be better off with a pan that can reach around 230°C (450°F).

Cooking can be a true joy, as taking a bunch of ingredients and turning them into something delicious is genuinely special. To do so, you do need the know-how, but you also need the right tools, and an electric frying pan might just be what you need to take your cooking to the next level. Now you’ve got all the information you need to make the best choice for you, so don’t hesitate and get yourself on the road to star chef status.


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