7 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners 2020

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Cleaning can be a chore, let’s face it. Picture the scene: you’re getting ready to start a spring clean, only to realise that getting into the tightest of corners or shifting the most stubborn stains seems nigh on impossible. Enter the steam cleaner. When it comes to cleaning grout, carpets, windows (the list goes on), high-pressure steam easily shifts just about anything.

Within this, the handheld option has become immensely popular thanks to their portability and convenience, delivering focused jets of steam from a small nozzle to get into every crevice. So, we’ve put together the following list of the best handheld steam cleaners to make your home sparkle.

Handheld Steam CleanerPower (W)Capacity (ml) 
VYTRONIX HSG10001000350
Quest 41940900-1050250
Hoover Express1000400

1. MLMLANT Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Mlmlant Handheld Pressurized Steam CleanerThe MLMLANT handheld steam cleaner, in a smart blue/black colourway, comes with 1050W of power and a decent capacity of 350ml, which add up to around 20 minutes of cleaning time before it needs refilling. Other useful features include the safety lock on the handle and a safety lid for extra peace of mind, especially around children.

A big selling point for the MLMLANT that brings it up alongside the more well-known brands is the accessory set, with up to 11 extra attachments. These include tools for fabric steaming, windows, a bent spray cup for tight corners and a brush, among many others. Ultimately, this represents good value for money by offering a lot despite not being a common household brand.

  • Lots of attachments
  • Good value
  • Small and lightweight
  • Limited capacity

2. VYTRONIX HSG1000 Handheld Steamer 

Vytronix Hsg1000 Handheld SteamerVYTRONIX’s handheld steamer comes with a 1000W boiler as well as a claimed 550ml water tank, meaning it can offer lots of cleaning time before needing to refill. It also offers a 12-piece accessory kit, with a wide variety of attachments designed to accommodate all cleaning needs – fabric, long-reach and brush attachments are just some of what is offered.

Its light weight is also a major positive at less than 2kg (before filling). An extra level of versatility of also offered by the cable, which at 6 metres should offer more than enough reach. All of these features, together with a smart blue/white plastic casing, combine to make a product that stands up to more well-known household names.

  • Extra-long cable
  • Variety of attachments
  • Good power and capacity
  • Middling build quality

3. mfavour Handheld Steam Cleaner

Mfavour Handheld Steam CleanerThe striking orange body of mfavours’s handheld steam cleaner houses a 300ml water tank, powered by a 1050W element, which give an overall cleaning time of around 10 minutes. It also advertises steam temperatures as high as 140°C in 3-5 minutes, enough to ensure that even the toughest of grease and dirt gets removed.

The 9 accessories provided offer plenty of different functionality, with a brush, fabric tool and extension nozzle among others for great versatility – a 360° rotating nozzle also gives you access to even the stubbornest of corners. A safety lock and cap maximise the safety features, making for a good all-round package at a very reasonable price.

  • Good safety features
  • High temperature output
  • Versatile nozzles
  • Can be slow to heat up
  • Limited tank capacity

4. SIMBR Handheld Pressurized Steamer

Simbr Handheld Pressurized SteamerNot to be confused with the cartoon lion, the SIMBR handheld steamer matches a 1000W boiler and a 350ml tank with a well-designed pressurised nozzle to maximise its cleaning power. It produces as much as 30% more steam (at up to 132°) than similar products, thanks to this feature, and as such offers very good cleaning power despite not being a common household name.

9 accessories come with the unit for high levels of versatility, whether you’re cleaning fabric, ovens, windows or even car trim. SIMBR also offer replacement brushes and pads, so you can be assured of getting the most out of it, while a 3-metre cable and 0.5-metre extension nozzle give you the reach to get into any crevice. One other neat feature is the auto shut-off when the tank is empty, which prevents overheating.

  • Automatic shut-off
  • High-pressure steam
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cheaper build quality

5. Quest 41940 Steam Cleaner

Quest Q 41940 Steam CleanerThe vivid yellow finish of Quest’s handheld steam cleaner houses a 250ml water tank, which is heated by a variable 900-1050W power source. Taking around 4 minutes to heat up, this offers up to 20 minutes of pressurised steam, which should be ideal for all but the most strenuous of cleaning tasks.

It comes with all the attachments you’d look for, including extensions, a bent spray nozzle and a brush, ultimately offering an uncomplicated solution (albeit in a less than subtle design!) to most household cleaning issues, at a fairly wallet-friendly price.

  • Durable build
  • Good safety features
  • High pressure
  • No water level indicator
  • Short lead

6. VonHaus Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner

Vonhaus Multipurpose Handheld Steam CleanerVonHaus are making a name for themselves in homewares, offering high-quality products at surprisingly low prices. This handheld steam cleaner, dressed in a smart black/orange colourway, fits the bill of good quality at a budget. Offering 1050W of power with a 250ml tank, you’ll get around 8 minutes of cleaning before needing to refill.

Well-designed to be easy to carry, mobility is enhanced with a 3-metre cable. All the attachments you’re likely to need are provided, making this a multi-purpose machine for just about any household cleaning task. VonHaus’ 2 year manufacturer warranty is also a helpful addition to the overall package.

  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Well-made
  • Super lightweight
  • Versatile attachments
  • Limited cleaning time

7. Hoover Steam Express Handheld

Hoover Steam Express HandheldThe iconic red and white of household appliance giant Hoover highlights the Steam Express as a quality item. Featuring a 400ml capacity, amongst the largest for handheld models, it also has a 1000W power source with a quick heating-up time for easy cleaning. Hoover quote a 12-minute runtime, which is enough for most cleaning tasks and is made accessible by the 4m cable.

The Steam Express also ships with a range of tools, including a shovel for dual scraping and steaming, as well as a series of brushes and versatile nozzles to deal with the most difficult household cleaning challenges. Hoover’s 12 month guarantee should also allay any maintenance worries.

  • Large tank capacity
  • High-pressure steam
  • Great build quality
  • Quick to heat up
  • A little heavy

Which Handheld Steam Cleaner to Go for?

Best quality & features – The Hoover Steam Express represents the best quality and features out of the products on test here. Although it sits at the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum, the investment is worth it – it heats up quickly, and with the largest capacity of water tanks, offers enough cleaning clout to be our winner.

On a budget – The VYTRONIX HSG1000 handheld steam cleaner is the best on test with regards to features on a budget. Offering much of what more expensive units also do, the trade-off is of course a slightly reduced build quality. Nonetheless, it’s hard to go wrong at this kind of price.

The lightest optionVonHaus’ Handheld Steam Cleaner is the lightest option on offer here, making it a very viable option for easy portability and mobility. It does come with a tank on the smaller end of the spectrum, but thanks to the efficiency of the internals, the small size doesn’t detract from its quality.

The most versatile cleanermfavour’s Steam Cleaner offers the most versatility out of the products in our list. Although there are other products with more attachments, the 9 that come with it are still more than enough for most every household task. What clinches it, however, is the 360° rotating nozzle, which just gives it a little versatile edge.

Handheld Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

Vacuum Cleaner. Woman Use Vacuum Cleaner In Bathroom

Steam cleaners have proved something of a revolution in the world of cleaning, and the handheld versions add a greater level of versatility and ease to the process, as well as typically being cheaper than their full-size counterparts. In order to suss out whether a handheld steam cleaner is right for you, and to give some tips so you know what to look for, read on below for our buying guide on the things you should be considering.


Power makes a difference, even in such small appliances. A more powerful a steam cleaner cuts through tough grease or stubborn stains far more easily than a lower-powered model. If you intend to use the cleaner on grills, grout or other difficult spots, make sure you choose a model with a focused and powerful steam output that’s actually capable of cleaning what you need it to.


Handheld steamers are designed to be versatile and handle an array of more fiddly jobs. So, the very best come with a wide range of attachments to maximise the cleaning potential of the unit. Whether a squeegee for glass, a brush for grime and dirt, a scouring pad for things like ovens (to mention just a few), it’s important that you know the areas you want to clean around the home and subsequently buy something with the add-ons that you’re going to need most.

Water Tank Capacity

A simple case of a larger tank allowing you to clean longer before it needs refilling, this will be something to take into account depending on how much you have to clean (and how long you want to be cleaning for!). This is one of the major differences between handheld and full-size models, so keep it in mind.

Heat Up Time

The majority of handheld steam cleaners heat up fairly quickly, on account of the smaller water tank, but being aware of the time it takes is still useful. By and large, you’ll find that the longer a steam cleaner takes to heat up, the less likely you are to use it in the long run – if it takes too long, it stops being a small and convenient choice.

While there is undoubtedly a lot to consider in looking for handheld steam cleaners, this guide should simplify that thought process. Now, with all the information you should need, you can make even the trickiest of nooks and crannies spotlessly clean.


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