6 Best Portable Washing Machines 2020

Best Portable Washing Machine

Best Portable Washing Machine

Can you imagine modern life without a washing machine? This particular appliance is one of those absolute essentials, but, having a full-sized one can be a bit of an issue. What do you do when you want to go caravanning, camping, road tripping, or simply when you live somewhere without much room? Student accommodation would have been so much simpler without having to trudge to and from the  twice a week.

This is the sense behind a portable, mini washing machine – small appliances, usually pretty cheap, and in many instances so convenient. That’s why we’ve looked at the best ones you can buy right here!

1. COSTWAY 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine

Costway 2in1 Portable Washing MachineCostway’s 2 in 1 combines both washing and drying features in a surprisingly high-tech package. The unit is handled via an LED computer control panel, which has 6 different programs, 3 water level selections and programmable timing to give you the most control over your wash cycle. A 3.5kg laundry capacity should handle most laundry loads.

The appliance also comes with a built-in aluminium drainage pump and tube as well as an intake hose, if you’re using it with a mains water supply. Alternatively, it can be manually filled and emptied. With fully automatic programs, it packs in features closer to full-size units, just in a smaller machine.

  • High-tech features
  • Good capacity
  • Dual functions
  • A little bulky

2. Display4Top Mini Washing Machine

Display4top Mini Washing MachineIf you’re a fan of bold colours then you shouldn’t let Display4Top’s striking purple and white mini washer slip by you. A twin tub design, it can handle up to 3.5kg of washing and 1.5kg in the dryer tub. Despite the dual compartments, it’s surprisingly compact at just over 60cm high, making it a breeze to tuck out of the way when not in use.

You have two options when it comes to water supplies – a hose allows you to connect it to mains water, but there’s also the option to manually fill, making it perfect for home or away. The gravity drain helps get rid of your wastewater, and a built-in filter also deals with excess fluff and lint from your clothes.

  • Fluff filter
  • Super compact design
  • Dual washer/dryer tubs
  • Short water hose

3. COSTWAY Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Costway Mini Twin Tub Washing MachineFor both washing and drying in a single unit, the Mini Twin Tub from Costway is a good option. Its 5kg washer tub is on the larger side for mini units, while the spin dryer tub has a 3kg capacity. Notably, these can both be run simultaneously for maximum efficiency, with programmable wash cycles up to 15 minutes and dryer cycles of up to  minutes.

Its compact size makes it ideal for taking it on the road but would also fit neatly into your home. The same goes for the water supply, with an inlet pipe to connect to mains supplies at home, or the option to manually fill it when you’re out and about. A gravity drain also takes care of getting rid of the water.

  • Twin tub design
  • Large capacity
  • Flexible water supply
  • Simultaneous cycles
  • Short pipe

4. FitnessClub Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

Fitnessclub Portable Twin Tub Washing MachineThe FitnessClub Portable Twin Tub has a powerful motor matched with simple functionality and a large capacity to offer a great all-round package. The washer tub can hold up to 4.6kg and is programmable up to 15 minutes, while the dryer tub holds 3kg and can be set between 1 and 3 minutes. The motor can produce 1300RPM ensuring efficiency in the cleaning cycles.

Two straightforward dials handle the timers, while another allows you to change setting depending on fabric type. The unit can also run off mains water or manual filling, and a gravity drainage pipe handles the wastewater.

  • Large capacity
  • Variable functions
  • Powerful motor
  • Struggles with heavy items

5. Think Gizmos TG23 Portable Washer

Think Gizmos Tg23 Portable WasherLooking smart and a little futuristic in black and white, Think Gizmos’ TG23 compact washing machine is a great package. It features a twin-tub build, with a washer capacity of 3.6kg which is programmable for up to 15 minutes. The dryer can handle up to 2kg and can be programmed up to 5 minutes. One great feature is the ability to wash on different settings for different fabric types. This, like the timer, is controlled via a straightforward dial, so it couldn’t be easier to use.

While not the smallest, at 11kg and 70cm high, it nonetheless strikes a good balance between size and capacity. It’s also very simple to set up, with no plumbing needed – as long as you can attach the hose to a water supply, and have a drainage area for the gravity drain, you’re all set.

  • Variable fabric settings
  • Easy operation
  • Twin tub design
  • May rattle/vibrate

6. Leisure Direct AwayDaze Washing Machine

Leisure Direct Awaydaze Washing MachineThe clue’s in the name, really. Designed for trips away, the ultra-compact design of Leisure Direct’s AwayDaze utilizes neat design features to make it a 2-function washer/dryer in a single-tub unit. The whole thing weighs around 5kg, and at 51cm high can be easily stowed out of the way, thanks also to its side handles. It can also take 3kg for washing and 1.5kg for drying.

It doesn’t need to connect to the mains water for washing, although you still can if it’s available, and switching between washing/drying functions couldn’t be easier. There are 2 dials for time and function to control it, which can set cycles of up to 15 minutes on both settings.

  • Twin functions
  • Highly portable
  • User-friendly
  • No gravity drain
  • Small capacity

Which Portable Washing Machine to Go for?

Best quality & features – Costway’s 2 in 1 Washing Machine packs in the most features for the money, with functionality more akin to a full-sized freestanding washing machine than your typical portable unit. Programmable settings, water level adjustments and the ability to either connect to mains water or fill manually make this a surprisingly versatile machine.

On a budget – The AwayDaze by Leisure Direct is a great option if you’re looking for a great balance of functionality and low price. By packing the dual features of washing and spin drying into a single tub unit, you get a lot out of a very low cost package.

The best for small living areas – The AwayDaze is also the best choice for small spaces. It’s compact enough to be stowed out of the way, while still being large enough for a decent amount of laundry.

Best for camping trips – The Display4Top twin tub unit is the best bet for camping trips and travel, on account of a good capacity and the ability to both wash and dry. The ability to manually fill and empty it if you’re not close to a water supply is a boon as well. If you’re keen to get things clean and dry in no time at all before you head out on the road again, then this is the machine for you.

Portable Washing Machine Buying Guide

Portable Washing Machine Buying Guide

Aside from the obvious benefit of being easy to move around, for those who travel, mini washing machines are also ideal for people without enough space for a full-size washing machine. There are a few different things to bear in mind before making the decision to buy one, based on your specific needs. That’s what we’ve covered in our buying guide below, so that you can be sure to get the portable washing machine that matches what you need.


While a portable may not be able to stand up to full-size units in terms of overall capacity, there’s no doubt that it would be enough to launder loads on holiday, on camping trips and so on. Capacity is important as long as you consider how many people’s laundry you intend to be dealing with!


Portable washing machines are usually much simpler than their full-size counterparts, but some do still come with a few different cycles to treat different fabrics with. It’s something to bear in mind if you have laundry with a fair variety of different materials.


This depends on how much room you have for a portable washing machine. You might be looking for something super compact in a caravan or on a camping trip, or a slightly larger unit for a studio/one-bedroom apartment or student accommodation.

This should be everything you need to know when shopping for a portable washing machine. Whether for a smaller living space or camping/outdoors, all the considerations you should have to make are covered here. Happy washing!


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