The 10 Best Washing Machines Under £200 2019

Best Washing Machines Under 200gbp

It’s fair to say that the humble washing machine is an essential part of modern life. You can hope as much, anyway! Like with so many things it’s easy to spend an absolute fortune on the top of the range machine that does everything. It washes, it dries, it removes stains, it makes the tea and tidies your bed… Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Either way, with people being ever-more conscious of budgets, you can start looking towards smaller appliances to try and save a few quid here and there. Whether you’re a student looking for a cheap low-space washer for a flat; trying to downsize in a smaller apartment, or even a budding camper making the most of a limited amount of clothes and trying to avoid pricey laundrettes; the answer to a washing machine under the £200 mark lies below. Read on for the best deals around.

1. Costway Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Costway Mini Twin TubCostway’s Twin Tub is a useful solution for both washing and drying in one handy unit. It includes a 5kg washing tub, which is adequately sized for smaller loads, and a spin dryer with a 3kg capacity, both of which feature a transparent blue lid for you to keep an eye on your washing. Both settings can run simultaneously for efficient timing, with cycles of up to 15 minutes for washing and 3 minutes for drying. The size of the unit is one of its main advantages, which at 63 x 35.5 x 72cm, is ideally proportioned for smaller areas of the house, or caravan etc if you’re taking it on the road.

A supplied water inlet pipe allows you to connect it to water supplies, but you can also fill it manually if you don’t have access. The built-in gravity drain takes care of the water when you’re done.

  • Twin tub washer/dryer
  • Compact design
  • Flexible water supply
  • Simple to use
  • Short water pipe

2. Beko WTG620M1W Washing Machine

Beko Wtg620m1w Washing MachineThis front-loading washing machine from Beko is a family-sized appliance at a family-friendly price. Also boasting an A+++ energy efficiency rating, which will contribute to money-saving in the long run, the freestanding machine features a 6-litre capacity for decent-sized wash loads. The clever energy usage also extends to how it handles water, with an automatic water level reduction mechanism that utilises less water with smaller loads.

The 15 pre-programmed wash cycles, which spin at up 1200rpm, should prove sufficient for all laundry needs, most notably the time and energy efficient quick programme, which will handle the full 6kg load in around 28 minutes. A built-in child lock adds to the family-conscious design.

  • 6kg capacity
  • Energy efficient design
  • Multiple wash cycles
  • Relatively large

3. White Knight WM105V Washing Machine

White Knight Wm105v Washing MachineA 5kg capacity from White Knight’s budget freestanding washing machine offers an ideal capacity for a first foray into full-sized appliances. Enough room for small families, it additionally features 12 different programmed cycles to accommodate different fabric types and wash sizes. Among these settings is a spin cycle with a variable speed, up to a maximum 1000rpm. A solid A+ energy rating also promises great water efficiency for money-saving.

Suitable for most homes, the design of the legs allows for more convenient fitting – you can independently adjust the leg height to fit the unit into a variety of spaces, even on uneven floors. It’s also relatively quiet on both washing and spin cycles.

  • Decent energy economy
  • 5kg capacity
  • Value for money
  • Middling build quality

4. Display4Top Electric Mini Washer

Display4top Electric Mini Washing MachineThe bold purple and white design of this mini washing machine from Display4Top certainly helps it stand out, but it’s backed up by some quality features. A machine that uses the twin tub style with washing and drying containers, it features a 3.5kg washer capacity and 1.5kg dryer capacity as part of an unobtrusive and compact package.

At just 21.9 x 14.8 x 23.2cm it’s very low profile, especially considering it’s a twin tub and will tuck neatly away without issue. The gravity drain handles water removal, and you can fill the machine either manually, or via the supplied water pipe. A built-in filter in the washer tub also handles excess fluff from clothes and is easily emptied.

  • Compact design
  • Gravity drain
  • Washer and dryer tubs
  • Short water hose

5. AwayDaze Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

Awaydaze Washing Machine Spin DryerThis washer and dryer from AwayDaze utilises 2 functions in a single tub, making this a great super-compact design for when your space is minimal. Coming in at just 5kg, and with shaped side handles, it’s an easy job to pick up and move around. It relies on a 3kg capacity for the washing function and 1.5kg for the spin dry, with a programmable timer of up to 15 minutes for both settings.

The large lid makes it easy to fill and empty, and you can simply fill up manually without the need to connect it to a mains water supply. The controls are incredibly simple to use, with just 2 dials from which to choose wash/dry function and time.

  • User-friendly
  • Dual function
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portable
  • Limited capacity

6. Indesit EWD71452W Freestanding Washing Machine

Indesit Ewd71452w Freestanding Washing MachineThe high energy efficiency rating and excellent versatility of Indesit’s freestanding full-size washing machine make it a great choice for the home. Boasting an A++ rating, the high standard of energy economy is sure to positively contribute to helping you save money. 16 different pre-programmed wash cycles also allow you to choose by fabric type and temperature, and separate dials give you an extra level of control over heat settings and spin cycle. You can adjust the heat from a cold water setting all the way to 90°C, and the spin cycle speed goes from 400 to 1400rpm.

A 7kg drum capacity should comfortably handle family-sized loads of laundry, and it remains relatively quiet on both the washing and spinning cycles.

  • Efficient energy rating
  • 16 washing presets
  • Adjustable temperature and spin
  • Heavy

7. Fobuy Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Fobuy Mini Twin Tub Washing MachineFobuy’s smartly designed twin tub appliance, with both washing and drying functions, is a useful multi-purpose compact washer. Simply operated via 3 dials to the top you can choose between washing and drying, or run both simultaneously, and set the timer to set it off. The washing compartment will hold 3.6kg of dry clothes, and the drying compartment will hold up to 2kg. It also uses relatively small amounts of water thanks to a relatively eco-friendly design.

The gravity drain deals with leftover water from wash cycles, and the whole appliance washes and spins fairly quietly. A low-profile appliance, it ought to comfortably fit into even the smallest of spaces.

  • Good spin power
  • Compact shape
  • Easy operation
  • Limited capacity

8. oneConcept Ecowash XXL

Oneconcept Ecowash XxlActing as the best of both worlds between compact self-contained twin tub units and full-size home washers, the Ecowash from oneConcept ticks a lot of boxes. Boasting a 6.8kg capacity for the washer compartment and a 5.2kg drying compartment, it can hold enough for a family, but the design is compact enough for smaller spaces. You can also alternate between 2 different programs for regular and more delicate fabrics.

The timer function can be set at up to 15 minutes on wash cycles, while the dryer tub can be set at up to 5 minutes. It also comes with a dual water connection for ease of use, a waste water hose and a filter to catch any stray fluff and lint. The filter is also removable to help keep the machine clean.

  • Twin tub washer/dryer
  • Adjustable fabric programs
  • Large capacity drums
  • Removable filter
  •  A little bulky

9. Syntrox Mini Washing Machine

Syntrox Mini Washing MachineWith an A-rated energy efficiency, the space-age design and useful features of Syntrox’s mini washing machine make it a solid purchase. Surprisingly compact at 41 x 67 x 38cm, it nonetheless boasts a 4kg washing capacity for small to medium size laundry loads. The wash cycle is programmable up to 15 minutes, and also features a spin cycle that can be set at up to 3 minutes.

These quick and efficient wash/dry settings are backed up by some other user-friendly features. The drain hose allows for effortless disposal of wastewater, there’s a filter to catch lint and fluff, and the system runs very quietly. Thought has even been given to portability, with handles on the sides for easier lifting.

  • Good energy rating
  • Decent 4kg capacity
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Portability
  • Only single drum

10. Think Gizmos TG23 Washing Machine

Thinkgizmos Tg23 Wasing MachineThink Gizmos’ TG23 is a smart looking and well-made consideration for a budget washing machine. A twin tub build, the 3.6kg capacity washing compartment can be programmed up to 15 minutes, while the 2kg dryer will run for up to 5 minutes. The washer can also be switched between soft and normal settings depending on fabric type, and all 3 settings (timers and fabric) are easily adjusted with a clear-to-read dial for each.

The overall design is surprisingly compact and lightweight, with the whole unit weighing in at just 11kg. Filling and draining the appliance is also a simple process, with a hose supplied to aid filling and another hose attached for drainage.

  • Different fabric settings
  • Twin tub design
  • Easy to use
  • Prone to rattling

Which budget Washing Machine should I go for?

Best quality & features – Costway’s Mini Twin Tub is a superb all-round performer, which wins out as best on test with a variety of features, solid build quality and ease of use. Utilising a generous twin tub design, allowing you to wash with up to 5kg of laundry and dry with 3kg, it should be more than enough for 1 to 2 people, or even a small family using smaller washing loads. Both cycles can be run at the same time, which lends a great level of convenience to the appliance, and are pretty quick and efficient at 15/3 minutes for washing/drying respectively. It’s these features, plus the robust design and build quality, that mark this as the best buy for washing machines under £200.

On a budget – The AwayDaze Washing Machine & Spin Dryer is best on a limited budget. A single tub but with twin tub functionality, it’s easy to switch between the two for maximum versatility. That, combined with the 3kg dry laundry capacity and 1.5kg spin dryer capacity, ought to cover any and all of the laundry needs you might have, but in a tidy and wallet-friendly package.

Best for the home – The WM105V from White Knight would make for a great choice at home, with all the functionality of a full-size freestanding washing machine for less than £200. The 5kg capacity would be ample for a small family or couple in a first home, the adjustable legs give it the better versatility to fit around different floor types. The 12 different pre-programmed wash cycles allow for flexible usage, and with a good level of energy efficiency, you’d get good returns on what is an initially low investment. All in all, being cheap to run and buy makes this a great choice for the home.

Best for camping trips – The Syntrox Mini Washing Machine would make a great camping companion. Compact (at only 67cm high) and lightweight (around 9kg) this wouldn’t be too obtrusive in amongst all the rest of your camping paraphernalia but would easily justify its inclusion. With a solid capacity of 4kg, and capable of drying 2kg, it would be ideal for a longer camping trip and would save the need for an extensive wardrobe. The run time of 15 minutes (max) for a wash cycle and 3 minutes (max) for a spin dry cycle would also allow you to spend less time worrying about laundry and more time enjoying the trip.

Best for students Display4Top’s 4kg capacity and twin tub functionality serve for great all-round performance, while the price and size mark this out as a solid student-friendly choice. With the sometimes-prohibitive cost of university laundrettes, especially when staying in university accommodation, this little machine would quickly pay for itself. The compact shape and design would sit comfortably in all but the smallest dormitory, and it’s easy to use on top of that. So even if it’s your first time away from home, you can keep your clothes clean simply and cheaply.

Budget Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing Machines Under 200gbp Buying Guide

A washing machine is one of those household essentials that simply can’t be disregarded. Making sure that you’ve got clean clothes is, of course, important, but you want an appliance that’s efficient to save you money in the long run, reliable so you don’t waste your money and will last you enough time, and of course within budget. This list is focused on those of you with that tighter budget and proves that you can get an awful lot for not very much. Read on for our trusty buying guide to the very best washing machine under £200.

What size/capacity do you need?

It’s important to be completely sure of just how much space you’re going to need to wash, and possibly dry, your laundry. Washing machines judge size by weight, usually by the maximum weight of dry clothes that they can hold. This generally ranges between 3 and 7kg, especially at this price range.

Judging this comes down to primarily knowing for how many people you are doing the washing. If it’s just you, anything above a 5kg capacity might be too much. Unless you find yourself undergoing multiple costume changes a day, that is. If, however, you’re likely to be washing for a couple or a small family then 5kg and above might be more for you. Certainly, if you’re in the market for a full-size freestanding washing machine and have space, then there are definitely options for you within this price range.

How does it handle different fabrics?

It’s very easy to just throw your clothes in together in one load. After all, the more you can put into one load, the fewer loads you have to do overall, which equals to more money saved. Right?

Not necessarily. If you were to put more delicate fabrics such as wool with others, you might find that the lifespan of your wool is reduced. Therefore, having a washing machine that is equipped to deal with more delicate fabrics can help maximise the lifespan of these materials, which means you’re saving money in the long run by not paying for an expensive replacement.

How does it perform?

As an extension to the previous point, a range of different settings on your washing machine might be beneficial to you. For instance, if you’re a busy person then you might find that a machine with a short wash cycle, or a quick wash function on more advanced machines, helps you save time. If you’re looking for a twin tub washer and dryer, then the spin cycle is also something to look at in terms of time.

Use and installation

Most of the lower-priced and smaller washing machines are very simple when it comes to using them. While these kinds of appliances when full-sized might be a bit daunting, with thoughts of plumbing and water pipes, you needn’t be so worried about that where smaller machines are concerned. Most are manually fillable and will come with a gravity drain that you can pour away. Therefore, as long as you have access to a plug socket and a bucket, you’ll be set.

All the information covered here should tell you everything you would need to know in advance of making the right purchase of an electric cool box. All that remains now is for you to get buying, take summer by the scruff and make the most out of your trips.

Everything that this article has gone over ought to give you all the necessary know-how to make the most informed decision you can about your sub-£200 washing machine. So, go on, save yourself some time and money while keeping your clothes clean.


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