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We’ve been eating cakes for literally centuries upon centuries now, and they are still the ultimate indulgence and symbol of celebration. The great thing about cakes is that they can be as simple or as complex as you would like. There are cakes with rich buttercream fillings, cakes with double cream fillings, cakes with jam fillings, chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, fruit cakes, beetroot cakes, pretty much any cake you can think of. For the ultimate cake recipes designed to keep you and the family entertained on a rainy sunday afternoon, we’ve got some of the richest and most delicious cake recipes you could ever hope for.


Iced Birthday Cake Pancakes Recipe

Iced Birthday Cake Pancakes Recipe 4

As I sit here and write this I am gobbling these up and thinking why have I never made these before! This is a fantastic recipe that brings together three great things in life – pancakes, birthday cake & icing!! What better way to show your love to someone on

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Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcake Recipe

Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcake Recipe 10
Hello! And sorry for this very late post. I’m sure you can appreciate that December is a very busy month for us all 🙂

How’s your festive bakes coming along? And what are you planning to do for your special Christmas menu? If your stuck on ideas then I have

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Luscious Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

Luscious Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe 5
This cake is a classic, an all time favourite, and I do not know how any one could resist a piece. Just thinking about this cake gets my taste buds tingling!

The great thing about this Luscious Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe is how easy it is to make and how

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Melted Snowman Cupcake Recipe

Melted Snowman Cupcake Recipe 11

It’s past the middle of November now – so in my books it’s time to start getting festive 😀 So here is an amazing and cute little Melted Snowman Cupcake Recipe!

The idea I had before I made these was a really sweet cake with simple but decorative topping –

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Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe

Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 6
After Halloween had past I did wonder what I would use my new ‘Tangerine’ Sugar Flair colouring for now, will it be left in the cupboard till next Halloween?! I also had some left over oranges which I wasn’t too sure on what to do with, and then the two

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Healthy Pumpkin & Orange Cupcake Recipe

Healthy Pumpkin & Orange Cupcake Recipe 5
This is a follow on to my previous post. A very tasty, guilt free healthy pumpkin & orange cupcake recipe :).

To me, Halloween used to be about dressing up, going around peoples houses and getting as many sweets as I could and scoffing them. Now, Halloween is about carving

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Pumpkin and Orange Cupcake Recipe

Pumpkin & Orange Cupcake Recipe 4
Oooh yes, it’s my favorite time of year <3 Autumn and Winter. The great thing about this time of year is that you can really become creative in many areas – not just your baking, but decorating houses, making costumes, maybe adventuring out to put on a terrifying Halloween style

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Peppermint Cream Cupcakes Recipe

Peppermint Cream Cupcakes Recipe 7


These cupcakes give me that nostalgic feeling, as a child I used to love making peppermint creams – so simple and yummy. The icing on these cupcakes is just delicious! And the vibrant green colouring really goes hand in hand with the unforgettable flavour. The fun thing about making

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Moist Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe 5

This is a fab way of using up any left over bananas at the end of the week! Its very moist and lovely with a cuppa. If your making it just for yourself (I’m generally the only one who eats it at mine!) it is also freezable.


By Donna

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