Hotpoint RFAA52S First Edition Fridge Freezer Review

Hotpoint RFAA52S First Edition Fridge Freezer Review

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On July 1, 2017
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Great fridge freezer, lots of space and looks good too!

Hey Everyone!I’ m so pleased to say that I am officially a homeowner! It is great fun so far, however, when you have nothing to fill your home with it can be daunting deciding what to buy. Everything adds up and you don’t want to be wasting money on things that aren’t reliable. One of the items I needed was a fridge freezer, and pretty quickly too so I had somewhere to store food and drink! I spent a good few days scouring the web and visiting local appliance shops so I could get a good feel which one was the right one for me. So here is my video review on the fridge freezer we decided to buy and why I recommend it. If you’re not fussed on watching the video scroll down beneath it and have a read of the little write up I did also 🙂

Key Features

    • Energy rating A+ (I think that tots up to around £38 a year running costs)

    • 2 shelves in the fridge

    • 2 ‘bins’ in the bottom of the fridge for veg and fruit

    • 4 compartments in the freezer

    • Dimensions: H – 174cm, W- 54.5cm, D – 58cm

    • Available in white and silver

    • 235 litre storage capacity

What I like

Something I really like about the fridge freezer is the space!! When we were deciding which fridge freezer (in our price range) to buy, a lot seem to sacrifice on freezer space. And when you cook lots of homemade meals in large portions, freezer space is important. Second, I love the look, very sleek, simple and a great size. Thirdly, now I don’t know if it is coincidence or not but my salads, fruits etc that I keep refrigerated seem to be lasting longer than they did in my old fridge??? Like I say, not sure if it”s coincidence but I am not complaining.

What I don’t like

So far, I’m not keen on the ice cube trays. I find the ice is hard to get out and produces small cubes. But for something that small, it wouldn’t put me off buying this fridge freezer. It’s not frost free so I will eventually have to defrost it, but so far, there is no ice in the freezer and I found the price of auto defrost freezers of a similar size really jumped up. When on a budget I would prefer to save the money and do the defrosting myself!

Rating and conclusion

Definitely 5 out of 5, very pleased we chose this one. It’s a great size, especially if you are passionate about food and have family around to cook for. It would also be great for couples who may be extending the family, the extra room you get compared to others in the price range will really help in the future! I bought it locally from a store but you can get it from Amazon with free delivery.


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