Tasty Keto Friendly Cereal To Satisfy Your Carb Cravings

Why Carbs Is A Big No For Keto Dieters

Tasty Keto Friendly Cereal To Satisfy Your Carb Cravings

Are you a religious follower of the keto diet? If so, then you sure got some courage missy! Not every person can just readily give up on carbs – let alone say goodbye to them forever!

I mean it. Most of our comfort food is loaded with carbohydrates, after all. From sweets to fast food, grandma’s apple pies and even your go-to snacks for boring Tuesdays and slow Sundays are all loaded with carbs. Following the ketogenic diet would mean having to bid all of these tasty goodies goodbye and welcome a life of protein, protein, and did I mention more protein? Read more about it here: https://www.insider.com/what-is-keto-diet.

Yes, that’s right. A keto diet would refer to an eating lifestyle where you cut down the carbohydrates and load on the protein. Of course, this is not the worst weight-loss fad to follow as it does not deprive you of much. Some eating lifestyles only allow greens or fluids and other light foods but in the case of keto, you can still eat juicy bacon slices, steaks, chicken, and even pork dishes! You just have to control the grease. I say it’s not a bad deal at all.

It’s precisely because the ketogenic diet works this way that some people remain sceptical about it. Why? Well, for one, it’s just terribly odd. No nutritionist in their right mind would tell you that eating bacon will help you lose weight. They will surely not say to eat a dozen drum sticks to shed off the pounds either. But after countless hours of research, results of studies show that this eating lifestyle really does help people meet specific body goals and the best part is that they don’t have to deprive themselves of food by doing so. But of course, there is still a catch to it.

You have to completely let go of carbs. If not, at least lower your intake to negligible levels. 

Why Carbs Is A Big No For Keto Dieters

Why Carbs Is A Big No For Keto Dieters

Carbohydrate-rich food is the enemy of anyone who’s doing keto. This is because it cancels out the whole thing. In order to understand this better, let me explain first, how the ketogenic process works.

Keto is a word derived from the medical term ketosis (read more). This is a metabolic state your body undergoes when it receives extremely low levels of carbohydrates. The liver releases ketones when the body is under this state and that is the science behind the weight loss. Normally, people would naturally experience ketosis when they’re diabetic – especially with the prescribed diet diabetics are instructed to follow. But with discipline, you can instigate a similar effect in your body by limiting the carbs you eat and eating more food rich in protein.

Now, eating unlimited strips of bacon may sound like a dream but you should be old enough to know that nothing well will ever come out of anything done excessively. So even when you’re allowed to eat protein-rich foods when following this diet fad, you can’t gobble meat down like there’s no tomorrow. There will still be consequences so be sure to exercise moderation.

One problem with following this diet however is the temptation of carbs. You know how we people are; we tend to crave for things that we can’t have. Luckily, saying no to yourself is not the only way you can deal with the situation. You can also try keto-friendly products that taste just as good as their counterparts. Take great tasting keto cereal for example!

What Is Keto-friendly Cereal?

Keto-friendly cereal is a perfect breakfast staple for people who cannot be lured into eating carbs. Although it essentially tastes the same as real cereal, it has little to no carbohydrate components in it. The formula has been modified so that it’s high in protein (and other minerals) but incredibly low on carbohydrates. This helps you fulfil that weird need to cheat on your diet without actually doing it!

If you’re a big fan of cereal for breakfast, then this snack is definitely for you. And take note, you can enjoy it with low-fat milk too – since milk is a source of protein and all! This should help you tame those hungry demons inside you!


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