The Tools Every Chef Should Own

The Tools Every Chef Should Own

Although the tools don’t make the chef, the tools make the chef more effective at his or her job. Having these tools on hand can make preparing meals easier and faster, so keep reading on to find out what tools every chef should own.

Chef’s Knife

Chefs usually own many knives, but this one is a must-have due to its sheer versatility. From cutting beef and chicken to chopping up onions or carrots, a chef’s knife is one tool that should never be missing from the kitchen.

Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoons might seem like something from the past in today’s kitchen, but every chef absolutely needs one. It doesn’t matter what size the wooden spoon is, no chef can deny its benefits. For example, a wooden spoon won’t scratch non-stick surfaces of pans, it doesn’t get hot and accidentally burn people when touched and it doesn’t react to acidic ingredients and leave a metallic taste in the food.


A medium sized spatula is perfect for any kitchen since it is big enough for most cooking jobs and small enough to fit in small or tight spaces. Without a spatula, how else is a chef supposed to scrape food off a pan or flip it over when frying it?

Small Non-Stick Pan

A small non-stick pan can be used for a majority of cooking jobs in the kitchen, from making scrambled eggs to making some delicious sauce. A wooden spoon or spatula is best to use with a non-stick pan because it won’t scratch the non-stick surface when stirring or scraping off food.

Wooden Cutting Board

A wooden chopping board (or cutting board) should be sturdy enough to handle all manner of chopping or cutting. Whether you’re chopping or cutting vegetables, fruits or meat, a good chopping board can make the job way easier. Plus, the wooden variety is tougher, eco-friendly and easier to clean.

Glass Mixing Bowls

Glass mixing bowls are perfect for mixing and stirring everything from eggs to cookie dough. They just need to be handled with care and washed after every use.

Food Storage Containers

In any busy kitchen, there is bound to be leftover food or ingredients. Throwing them away would be a waste and that is where food storage containers come in handy. They are an excellent way to protect your food and keep it fresh for later.

Chef’s Uniform

Chef wear can’t be overlooked when running a kitchen, and every chef needs a chef’s uniform. Every item in a chef’s uniform serves a purpose. For example, an apron protects the chef’s clothes from getting food splatter and stains on them, while the chef’s hat prevents hair from ending up in the food.

So there you have it, the tools that every chef should own. As a chef, you must make sure your kitchen isn’t missing a single item on this list.


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