Hey, I’m Emma, a 26 year old food enthusiast & trainee teacher living in Cheshire. Cooking and baking has been a huge part of my life since I can remember and now I have the joy of writing, talking and snapping pics of the food I make and sharing it with the online world!

Originally from the Lake District my parents owned a hotel and with my mum being a head chef I learnt lots about food and cooking. As I neared the end of my teens the buzz and excitement of the city drew me in and off I ventured out to university and started my new life down in Cheshire.

During uni I felt like I ‘forgot’ my love of cooking and I did become a classic uni student living off beans on toast. When the end of uni approached I made the jump to renting a place with my boyfriend and my love of cooking flourished again. After I met Jamie, who is a web genius, he inspired me to start my blog and now I idolise certain food blogs and hope to achieve the same as them.

My life at the moment…well I have recently moved house and love my new kitchen. Decorating and ‘doing up’ a new house is very much hard work! I am also about to embark in a new journey in life as a trainee primary teacher so I am very much looking forward to that.

A few of my favourite things in life include:

  1. Breakfast pancakes – preferably with Nutella and strawberries or warm blueberry syrup.

  2. Matt white paint – a new discovery for me after starting to decorate…everything is nearly white.

  3. The Lake District – The one place in the world that draws me back again and again.

  4. Tea in a teapot. The simple things!

  5. Nights in – Food, music, candles, friends…so much better than nights out.

  6. Reading other people’s blogs.

  7. Products – beauty ones…hair ones…cleaning ones….can never have too many.

  8. Keeping fit – I love gym classes, early morning gym sessions, walking up hills,  cycling and recently discovered I love kayaking  ( A kayak is on this year’s Christmas list)

  9. New Girl – With Zooey Deschanel…I don’t watch an awful amount of t.v but I will make the effort to tune into New Girl…and Game of Thrones…of course.

So that’s me, if you’d like to connect send me a Tweet or an email 🙂

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