Pasta Recipes

Pasta is a staple food item used in Italian cuisine, and when you think of how many different varieties of pasta there actually are, you will understand why. You can have spaghetti pasta, penne pasta, gnocchi, canelloni pasta, pasta sheets for lasgana, vermicelli, and much, much more on top of that. With such a vast array of pasta to choose from, the list of pasta based recipes you can recreate in the comfort of your own kitchen is literally endless. If you’d like to try something other than spaghetti bolognase made using a jar of cooking sauce then these recipes will be extremely useful for you.


Low-Fat Creamy Pepper Prawn Tagliatelle Recipe

Low-fat Creamy Pepper Prawn Tagliatelle Recipe 3

This is a quick, fuss free & guilt free dish! Inspired by my newly found love of Quark. I really wanted to make something that would seem indulgent a little more guilt free 🙂

The Lake District Dairy Quark is a soft cheese that is naturally fat free and very

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