Oats Recipes

Oats are an incredibly diverse and nutritious ingredient that work incredibly well in a number of different dishes. Obviously one of the main uses for oats is to be used in porridge or oatmeal in a morning, often combined with a little honey and mixed fruit, but they can also be used in numerous other recipes in a variety of different ways as well. Some dishes use fresh dried oats in place of bredcrumbs before deep or shallow frying meats, vegetables, or seafoods, whilst others are used to bulk out foods and add texture, crunch and bite. However they’re used, you can guarantee that oats will provide maximum flavour with very little effort indeed.


Moreish Anzac Biscuit Recipe

Moreish Anzac Biscuit Recipe 2

I have such lovely memories from this simple and moreish Anzac biscuit recipe and it started at my Grandmothers house. I can remember being about 5 and at around 10am I was allowed to sit in front of the television, watch cartoon network and have a cup of milky camp

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Homemade Chocolate Protein Granola Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Protein Granola Recipe 5

I am in love this Homemade Chocolate Protein Granola recipe, it is so sweetly satisfying and super easy to forget it’s healthy 😉

My mum often used to make homemade granola and I’ve always been a fan of shop bought ones. I ended up making this recipe because my partner

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Ultimate Flapjack Recipe

Ultimate Flapjack Recipe 4

Finding a decent flapjack recipe that really satisfy’s you can be very hard to find (from my experience)…..24 years later I think I’ve cracked it and there is no going back!

This Ultimate Flapjack Recipe is soft, chewy, sweet and absolutely delicious and will always make you go back for

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Apple Almond Porridge Recipe

Apple Almond Porridge Recipe 2

Breakfast is so important, do not skip it! I do wonder how can anyone go without, when you can make gorgeous things like this Apple Almond Porridge Recipe and start your day off happy and satisfied :).

Apples are all around us for Autumn so you should be able to

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Healthy Fig & Oat Crumble Bar Recipe

Healthy Fig & Oat Crumble Bar Recipe 4

Figs are a great fruit which I think many people forget about and don’t really know what to do with. I will be honest I bought these as they were quite cheap (I think 80p for 4 figs) and I didn’t really have an idea what I was going to

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Chilled Oats Recipe

Chilled Oats Recipe 3

I love breakfast & I have admitted it’s my favorite time of the day especially when I know I have this chilled oats recipe to look forward too! Then I always have some get up & go!

This is a love it or hate it recipe, some people cannot understand

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