Sticky Honey & Soy Prawn Stir Fry

Sticky Honey & Soy Prawn Stir Fry - A rich, sticky sauce which goes perfect in a stir fry | #stirfry #prawns #dinner

Uni has finally hit me, and my oh my….it has been mad!! Very enjoyable, but very long days and some how I haven’t managed to switch off properly in the evenings yet. Who said students were lazy and did nothing hey?! One thing for sure I am trying to avoid

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11 Best Charcoal BBQ Grills for Summer 2018

Best Charcoal BBQ

There isn’t much that beats a barbecue. That classic grill smell on a hot (ok, warm-ish if you’re in the UK) summer’s day with a cold drink in hand is absolutely wonderful. The combination of charcoal and wood chips gives such a unique flavour to food, which is why many

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Low-Fat Creamy Pepper Prawn Tagliatelle Recipe

Low-fat Creamy Pepper Prawn Tagliatelle Recipe 3

This is a quick, fuss free & guilt free dish! Inspired by my newly found love of Quark. I really wanted to make something that would seem indulgent a little more guilt free 🙂

The Lake District Dairy Quark is a soft cheese that is naturally fat free and very

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11 Best Deep Fat Fryers for the Home 2018

Best Deep Fat Fryer

It’s a universal truth that food tastes better when it’s been deep fried. There are other options if you want to try healthy frying, but most would agree that deep fat frying is the best for taste. Ask anyone, especially in the UK, and at least one person will say

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Summer BBQ Ideas You Must Try

Summer BBQ Ideas (That doesn't include burgers or sausages!) 1

How fab has the weather been? Sorry for the lack of posting, guess I am just making the most of the weather whilst I can 🙂 This is a follow on from my Perfect Pimms Recipe – a classic Summer evening drink.

I love a good BBQ, and although I

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12 Best Soup Maker Machines 2018

Best soup maker machine

Soups are perfect for any season of the year and they make great family meals that can last as leftovers for days to come. Between sautéing and pan transferring, it would be more convenient for you to simplify the cooking process with a soup maker machine. In the sea of

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14 Best Portable BBQs For Camping & Travel 2018

Best Portable BBQs For Camping & Travel

Barbecue season is here, and there are more portable varieties available to buy than ever before; some which are perfect for family camping, and some, which are perfect for back garden BBQ days and more. Having so much choice can actually be quite daunting, and so this is a comprehensive,

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10 Best Halogen Oven Cookers 2018

Best halogen oven cooker

Halogen ovens are designed to cook food fast and easily, it has the speed of a pressure cooker and the cooking mechanism of a traditional oven. Your reason for wanting a halogen oven might be different to someone else’s. Maybe your normal oven isn’t big enough for your needs and

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12 Best Gas BBQs Reviewed 2018

Best Gas Bbqs

Summer is well and truly on the way! Most people would agree that of all our summertime traditions, not much beats a lazy, sunny afternoon in the company of friends, drink(s) and most importantly, a freshly cooked burger/sausage/favourite BBQ food of choice in hand.

While there are many different choices

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10 Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines For The Home In 2018

Best Btc Coffeemachine

Ah, coffee. The lifeblood of the working world, there are just times when you can’t start the day without a cup of that sweet, bitter nectar. The feeling you get when a good quality cup starts to work its magic, connecting those neurons together and lifting you from a sleepy

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