9 Best Electric Log Burners 2021

Best Electric Log Burner

Best Electric Log Burner

There is something wonderful about the aesthetic of the fireplace. Picture it now; the dead of winter, snow outside, but you’re protected from the elements in a comfy chair, hot chocolate (or something stronger!) in hand in front of the fire. But in many homes nowadays it’s simply not logistically possible (or even legal, in some parts of the UK at least) to have a real fireplace. So how do you get the look of a real fire without the practical difficulties?

Electric fireplaces and log burners are the answer to this conundrum. An appliance that gives you the real fire effect in a matter of seconds, while still putting out heat to simulate the real thing more closely. But in amongst the wide variety of designs and styles available, where do you start looking? That’s where we come in, with a rundown of the 9 best electric log burners available right now.

1. Oypla 1850W Log Burner

Oypla 1850w Log BurnerThis freestanding burner from Oypla features a rustic matte black cast iron effect finish with brass effect detailing to perfectly compliment a traditionally styled room. Once delivered, all you need to do is attach the feet and you’re good to go – the controls are neatly concealed behind the faux ash grate on the front, with two heat settings at 1850/950W and an adjustable thermostat to keep the room temperature where you want it.

The realistic flame effect can be altered in terms of both light intensity and flame height and can be run without the heating on so that you can simply enjoy the visual effect of the ‘fire’. For a relatively low price, it’s a good quality, lightweight product.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable settings
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rustic aesthetic
  • Fiddly to attach feet

2. Endeavour Fires Runswick Wall Mounted Burner

Endeavour Fires Runswick Wall MountedMake your living room stand out with Endeavour’s bold Runswick wall mounted burner. A premium option oozing with style, the off-white mantel and plinth are built from MDF to ensure lighter weight, while the fire features a toughened glass front panel. The wall mounting comes courtesy of a few straightforward fixings to the back, resulting in a seamlessly integrated fireplace.

The unit itself is controlled via the remote control and can programme for 7 days, as well as displaying the thermostat, ambient room temperature and an ‘adaptive start control’ – pre-heating the room ahead of a programmed start time. The Runswick also has 2 heat settings of 1-2,000W, a 5-level brightness adjuster on both the flame and ambient backlight, and 13 different colours for said lighting.

  • Stylish design
  • Programmable settings
  • 13 different lighting options
  • Expensive

3. Dimplex GOSFORD Electric Fire

Dimplex Gos20 Electric FireThe freestanding Gosford stove by Dimplex dials the rustic farmhouse aesthetic up to 11. Featuring a steel outer casing with a classic black cast-iron finish, the fire and flame effect also stands out for its hyper-realism, set off predominantly by the realistic log bed and smoke effect. The front-facing door also opens for a little extra authenticity.

Traditional looks notwithstanding, this is still a thoroughly modern burner and comes with a remote control to switch between two heat settings at 1 and 2,000W. The flame effect can also be employed independent of the heater if you just prefer the ambient light.

  • 3D flame effect
  • Classy looks
  • Remote controllable
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

4. Endeavour Fires Castleton Electric Fireplace Suite

Endeavour Fires Castleton Electric Fireplace SuiteEndeavour’s Castleton Suite fireplace looks exactly like the real thing, mantlepiece and all. The lighting and flame effects are provided 100% by LED bulbs, offering a very realistic fire. The suite/mantle are flat pack MDF, which does require some simple assembly, and come with a lovely, smooth off-white finish sure to complement any colour scheme. 13 different mood lighting options are sure to add to this, which can be controlled remotely.

The remote control can also program up to 7 days and will automatically turn the unit on/off as the ambient room temperature requires between the 1,000 and 2,000W heat options. The remote also acts as an active thermostat, and features an adaptive start feature that preheats the room ahead of a programmed start time.

  • Sleek design
  • Runs quietly
  • Variety of lighting options
  • Programmable
  • Assembly required

5. Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Freestanding Electric Fire

Dimplex Cht20 Cheriton Freestanding Electric FireStraddling the border between freestanding and fireplace suite style, Dimplex’s Cheriton is genuinely freestanding despite its looks. The bold open fireplace design, with a matte black finish and brass grate and trim, comes with an unusual level of realism for most electric fireplaces – the coal bed provided is real coal. Lit from underneath by LEDs, it gives the effect of genuine coal embers without the hassle, with a separate flame effect behind the coals.

With a remote control to adjust the settings, you’re able to choose between two heat settings at 1 and 2,000W as well as independently adjust the thermostat. The flame effect can also be used separately from the heater to provide just the light.

  • Real coal, LED backlight
  • Remote control operation
  • Easy to install
  • A little noisy

6. Wärme Firebox Designer Electric Fireplace

Wärme Firebox Designer Electric FireplaceThis wall mounted unit by Wärme brings modern high fashion to the humble fireplace, truly justifying the ‘Designer’ name. At 50” wide it’ll certainly stand out, something added to by the massive variety of mood lighting options – it comes with multiple colours for the flames (12), flame bed (9) and sidelights (8) around the edge. 5 brightness settings, with the underlying sleek black design, you’ll be able to get this to match your colour scheme and mood with zero problems.

Controlled by a remote, you can switch between 1 and 2,000W heat settings and adjust the temperature between 10°C and 27°C. It does also feature an overheat protection system, just in case. It is also quite versatile, as it ships with feet to be freestanding, or a wall bracket to fit to a wall or cavity.

  • Versatile fittings
  • Wide colour range
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Remote controls
  • Noisy fan

7. Galleon Fires Castor Electric Fireplace

Galleon Fires Castor Electric FireplaceThe Castor by Galleon is an excellent value traditional style freestanding log burner stove. The outer casing is a matte-black finished metal, making sure that it definitely looks the part, but is kept up to date with a host of modern features. The supplied remote control allows you to easily switch between its two heat settings of 900 and 1800W, while also providing a timer option as well as a lamp-only setting. Behind the door, more controls let you adjust the heat and light settings.

The coal-effect fireplace offers a wonderful comforting glow, but also puts out a lot of heat. One neat feature allows you to run the fan without heat, meaning it can (almost counter-intuitively) cool down as well as heat up.

  • Lightweight
  • Produces lots of heat
  • Good adjustability
  • Bulbs may blowout

8. VonHaus Electric Log Burner

Vonhaus Electric Log BurnerLooking classy on a budget, VonHaus’ freestanding electric log burner features classic design features such as brass/bronze effect fittings paired with a matte black cast-iron effect outer. The coal bed/log fire is surprisingly realistic for the price and is lit by LEDs for an un-intrusive and warming ambient light.

Speaking of warming, the light can be used with or without the heater. Two heat settings can be chosen from, with low 925W or high 1850W to choose from. The adjustable thermostat also gives you the ability to automatically activate or deactivate, and there is also an automatic temperature shut-off for added peace of mind.

  • Budget friendly
  • Authentic looks
  • Good quality
  • Some assembly required

9. Beldray Glass Sided Paguera Freestanding Electric Fire

Beldray Glass Sided Freestanding Electric FireThe Paguera is just one of 4 different styles offered by Beldray in their freestanding electric log burner range. The standout feature of the Paguera is the glass sides, offering you an extra dimension of visible ambient light. It also features a bold double door design which open onto a realistic log bed, lit with an LED flame effect, and is surrounded by a matte black cast-iron effect finish.

It features two adjustable heat settings of 900 and 1800W, with simple switch controls neatly hidden behind the doors giving you great ease of use. Putting out a good amount of heat, this is a stylish, discreet and comforting little unit.

  • Bold design
  • 3-sided glass
  • Quiet
  • Middling build quality

Which Electric Log Burner to Go for?

Best quality & features – For overall quality and features, Endeavour’s Castleton Suite offers the most for the money. By no means the most expensive burner here, it marries modern and traditional looks whilst still offering thoroughly contemporary technology. 7 days of programmable settings, very realistic wood/flame effects and other clever automatic features set this apart as looking like it should cost twice the price, if not more. A worthy upgrade to any living room.

On a budget – For those on a smaller budget, the Oypla Electric Log Burner should be your choice. A classy freestanding unit, it comes with all the features a good electric burner should have in a high-quality package for a surprisingly small investment.

The best for small living areas – To get the most out of cosy living rooms, VonHaus’ Electric Log Burner ticks all the boxes. At just L41 X W27 X H54cm, it should snugly fit into all but the very smallest of nooks, ensuring that you’ve always got room for the unmatched cosy ambience of an electric log burner.

For the style conscious – Wärme’s Firebox is the hands-down winner in the style game.  Modern style is about sleek lines and bold contrasts, so pairing a sleek, shiny outer with the huge variety of ambient lighting options on offer is a great combination. The choice to have the Firebox wall mounted or freestanding also scores it extra points here, making sure it’ll fit in just about anywhere.

The best traditional aestheticDimplex’s Gosford should be your choice, however, if you prefer the rustic look as opposed to the ultra-modern. With metal housing finished in a matte black cast-iron effect, it conjures up images of ceiling beams and exposed brickwork, with an extra level of realism provided by the true to life log bed – the 3D fire effect that this creates will definitely have you double-taking as to whether it’s real fire.

Best technology – Endeavour’s Runswick proves that there’s room for a lot of useful technology, even in something as outwardly simple as a fireplace. Of its many functions, the standouts are a 7-day programmable timer, a remote control that not only detects ambient room temperature and open windows but can also preheat the fire so that the room is at the right ambient temperature before the set programs start. It can also auto-adjust the power output depending on the room temperature, to keep the heat steady. Plus, it’s got a large number of lighting options to boot.

Electric Log Burner Buying Guide

Electric Log Burner Buying Guide

Electric log burners are a great idea if you live in a house that doesn’t have a chimney, and as such can’t accommodate a real fireplace. They give you the look of a fire with a much smaller investment, in terms of both purchase and installation, don’t produce the same waste products as a real fire – both carbon dioxide and monoxide, as well as the dirtiness of soot and ash – and are usually more efficient than fires as heat sources.

Our buying guide will break down everything you might need to consider before you choose your electric log burner, so that you can be sure to get the electric log burner best suited to you and your household.

Type of burner

Usually, electric log burners will come in one of three varieties. The freestanding option is more or less the most common, as they are the easiest to move and position and require next to no fiddly installation. Another choice is the wall-mounted, which are obviously in a fixed position but often integrate more seamlessly into a room, and generally employ a more modern aesthetic than the more traditional freestanders. The third common type is the ‘suite’ that mimics a traditional household fireplace with mantlepiece shelf above.

Lights-only settings

One of the great things about fireplaces is the ambient glow that fills the room. The obvious trade-off, however, is that with a wood fire, a lot of heat gets thrown out no matter what. But many electric units come with a lighting-only feature that allows you to enjoy the glow without the heat. This way, you’re also able to get year-round value and usage out of your fireplace to boot.

Timer function

Being able to program the fire in some way is tremendously useful. Maybe you plan on falling asleep in front of the fire, but don’t want it to stay on after you’re not conscious enough to notice. Or you might like coming home to a ‘roaring’ fire (or thereabouts!) and a room that’s already warm, ready for you. Whatever the reason, timer functions are a useful part of some electric log burners, so make sure to take it into account if it’s important for you.

Remote Controls

At least partially following on from the previous point, remote controls can be incredibly helpful. You can certainly set timers from them, but most do give you a good deal of control over the temperature and light settings, all without the hassle of getting up to change them manually. It’s alright, nobody likes getting up if they don’t have to – no judgment here.

There’s not a lot that beats coming home to a warm fire, and with our guide, you can still have that even if your house isn’t equipped for a wood-burning fireplace. With all the ambient lighting and temperature options, as well as the different styles, you’ve got what you need to get your living room all cosied up.



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