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Bet you never thought there was so much to ironing boards. It is fair to say that, even in the modern day, the ironing board is still largely indispensable in the home. It’s not the most enjoyable task, granted, but it’s still important. Picking the right board makes all the difference though – no matter how good your iron is, the board is equally important in separating the job from Herculean labour into a quick and painless job. Read on to see our lowdown of the best ironing boards out there for you.

1. Brabantia ‘Size D’ Ironing Board

Brabantia Size D Ironing BoardMost ironing boards come in a standardised range of sizes, and Brabantia’s D-sized comes in at the larger end of the range. Available in 5 different finishes, there’s sure to be an option that fits your style (pictured: ‘Titan Oval’), while the board’s shape and build is also designed around you. The asymmetric shape gives you an ideal workspace at either end for different clothes, be it trousers, dresses and so on, and the steel frame with non-slip feet keeps things stable.

With plenty of vertical adjustment too, between 61 and 102cm in height, the frame clips in and out with ease. Another neat feature is the heat-resistant ‘parking zone’ to place hot irons, while the cotton cover with heatproof viscose/foam underlay ensures a smooth surface for optimal ironing.

  • Range of styles
  • Large and versatile
  • Highly adjustable
  • Sturdy materials
  • Fairly expensive

2. Vileda Smart Ironing Board 

Vileda Smart Ironing BoardDon’t let the name fool you, there’s no AI in this one. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not smartly made. This is an excellent compact ironing board, perfect for homes where space is at a bit of a premium, but you don’t want to compromise on looking after your clothes. Vileda offers the Smart in two colours, blue and pink. With a cotton/foam cover over a steam-permeable meshed metal base, you can guarantee a smooth iron.

It’s also adjustable between 77 and 95cm for decent versatility, and the legs are built with a stable V-shape. A moulded iron rest is also at the end of the board, with silicone bumpers to keep the iron in place.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Thinner cover

3. Minky Ergo Ironing Board

Minky Ergo Ironing BoardIroning can promote a slightly unnatural position when standing over one, which is where Minky’s Ergo comes in. The iron rest is specifically designed to suit either left- or right-handed ironers, a small plastic ‘Flex Guide’ clip is provided for keeping track of the iron’s cord, and the height is highly adjustable up to 92cm – all design features conceived with the notion of keeping you from unnatural movement.

The board’s cover, available in blue, green or chrome highlights, is made from cotton with a metallic layer designed to reflect heat and steam for better and quicker ironing. Coming in at a medium-large size it should comfortably fit in most households without being bulky and cumbersome. Minky also offer a generous 5-year guarantee.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Heat-reflective cover
  • Good size
  • Quite expensive

4. Beldray Print Ironing Board

Beldray La049872 Ironing BoardLook no further than Beldray’s Print ironing board if you want to add a splash of colour to your home! Available in 11 different finishes, you’re certain to find the right one for your aesthetic with this board (pictured: ‘Sew’). The steel frame is locked and unlocked via a simple lever on the underside and opens to a height of 90cm before folding flat for storage. Non-slip plastic feet also keep things stable.

A diamond-pattern metal mesh supports the cotton cover to prevent any heat build-up, and the iron rest is adjustable, meaning you can keep the iron sitting at a comfortable angle for you. It also strikes a good balance between overall size and avoiding being too bulky.

  • Wide range of designs
  • Ergonomic iron rest
  • Balances size without bulk
  • Height adjustment limits

5. Brabantia ‘Size B’ Ironing Board

Brabantia Size B Ironing BoardAmong the more compact ironing boards, Brabantia’s B-sized ironing board still packs in plenty of quality synonymous with the brand. Available in 6 bold designs (pictured: ‘Ice Water’), this is a straightforward, functional and ultimately well-made ironing board. Vertically, it has seven different height settings between 69 and 96cm for good ergonomics, and also has child and transport locks for an extra level of safety.

Brabantia’s 10-year warranty provides some great peace of mind in the long run, and then non-slip feet and solidly built standard iron rest provide it in the short term.

  • Long guarantee
  • Sturdy iron rest
  • Range of styles
  • Legs may bend

6. Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board

Addis Shirtmaster Ironing BoardWhile most ironing boards follow similar shapes, the Shirtmaster from Addis bucks this trend in favour of an unconventional rectangular approach. The thinking behind this is that it allows for more efficient ironing of, you guessed it, shirts. That said, it’s not a one-trick pony as is ideal for more than just one item of clothing. Whether doing a whole side of a shirt in one go or tackling large items, for instance bedding, the non-standard shape lends itself well.

The overall surface is fairly large, and features cotton covers in blue/white or red/cream, also coming with a high-density foam layer to keep everything smooth and efficient. The wider shape does take a little getting used to but combined with a good all-round height (four heights up to 93cm) it makes for an effective, reasonably priced board.

  • Efficient shape
  • Useful height adjustment
  • Value for money
  • No iron rest

7. Minky Expert Ironing Board

Minky Expert Ironing BoardMinky’s Expert ironing board provides a lightweight yet large surface area for ironing without taking up undue amounts of room. Height adjustable up to 96cm, it can be fine-tuned for maximised user comfort. The iron rest is also carefully designed to keep the iron at an angle, with heatproof plating and silicone rests keeping things safe and stable.

The cotton cover features foam backing for a smooth ironing surface and Minky’s ‘steamflow mesh system’ beneath the cover allows for efficient heat dispersion, resulting in faster crease removal. It’s also supported by 4 steel legs with non-slip feet, adding to the robustness and stability of the overall package.

  • Good size
  • Exactly adjustable height
  • Safety features
  • Quite thin padding

Which Ironing Board to Go for?

Best quality & features – The Brabantia ‘D’ ironing board is well-made, sturdy and an excellent size, and therefore represents the best mix of overall quality and features. While sitting at a more premium price point, it’s a product that stands as a good investment as it will undoubtedly last.

For smaller households – The Vileda Smart ironing board wins out here thanks to its compact and lightweight design that doesn’t skimp on efficiency in size. Whether it’s a small apartment, student accommodation or anything similar, it’s hard to go wrong here – it’s a fairly good budget option too. An honourable mention has to also go to Addis’ Shirtmaster for its efficient size.

Best ergonomics – As we know, ironing isn’t always the most comfortable of tasks, so the Minky Ergo’s thoughtful design marks it as the best in this category. While not the tallest, the ‘infinite’ height adjustment is great for fine-tuning, and the dual-sided ergonomic iron rest shows a little thought has been put in for us humans. The cable clip for the iron is also a neat touch.

For the style-conscious – Why not go for something colourful with the Beldray Print series? If you can spruce things up with almost a dozen different patterns, it makes sense to pick this one. After all, if you can make ironing more enjoyable even in the littlest way, you absolutely should.

Ironing Board Buying Guide

Ironing Board Buying Guide

The humble ironing board; perhaps not so humble? It can play a much bigger part in your life than you realise. Who knows if that crease-free shirt was the difference in that job interview? Obviously, an ironing board may not have such a huge effect on your day-to-day life, but like many things it’s important to shop for your needs.

We’ve rounded up a few thoughts to inform your buying decision to make sure that you get the right ironing board. After all, you don’t want to be hunched over the wrong board, churning out clean laundry just as crumpled as it was when you started.


This is a simple case of considering what kind of laundry you’re likely to be ironing. If it’s just dress shirts and similar items, then a smaller board will probably do the job. However, if you find yourself with suits, dresses, even bedding to do, you’re going to need a bigger board. Some boards are designed around being more efficient for certain items, so keep an eye out for them if you’re only ironing certain things.


While we’re not talking serious biomechanics here, ironing can be a slightly unnatural position. Size and shape are also important here, but so is height – if you’re over 6ft but have a board that barely comes up to waist height, then you might need something a little taller.

Cover materials

The majority of ironing boards are cotton, although there are varying degrees of quality here. The long and short is that cotton offers, generally, the smoothest surface to iron on, which consequently gives you better-ironed clothes. Therefore, try to avoid cheap covers. If you’re willing to pay slightly more, some even come with fancy padding beyond just the standard foam, with metallic heat-reflective layers claiming to improve ironing quality.

The ironing board is perhaps an underappreciated workhorse of the household. Creased clothes vs neat clothes might make all the difference, and so it’s vital to get yourself an ironing board that makes something that used to be a tedious chore into something much easier. We’ve summed up just about everything you’ll need to know here, so get out there and flatten your clothes better than you’ve ever flattened them before.


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