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Bugs. Don’t you just hate them? They can simple be a straight-up annoyance in the home, especially during the warmer months. It’s hard to know where they all come from, but without due care, you might find them all over your home, and especially in the kitchen. And it’s at that point where they stop being just a simple irritation and become more of a risk – after all, they’re not exactly renowned for their hygiene! So, you’ll want to keep them away from your food, right?

Electric fly killers, or more succinctly, bug zappers, are a low-cost and safe method to deal with any fly problems (or other bugs for that matter). You might have seen the fluorescent tubes in commercial kitchens, but you can also get them to go in the home, and they can make a real difference. That’s why we’ve gathered up the best electric fly killers for use in the home available for you to buy now.

1. Sourcing4U The Executioner

Sourcing4u The ExecutionerFor budding tennis enthusiasts and pest controllers alike, Sourcing4U’s electric fly killer is a handheld swatter with some major heft. Counting on a sturdy build, the handle/frame is made from hardened ABS plastic, and the swatting surface itself is made from a zinc and steel compound. This grill, coming in at just 1.2mm thick, is both strong and light, and has just a single layer with 50 wires. This purportedly offers more effectiveness over a traditional 3-layer grill, which rely on bugs entering between the layers but leaves room for flies to simply bounce off the outside unharmed.

The racket is around 51cm long and 18.5cm wide at the widest point, comparable with most standard tennis rackets. The handle is covered with a grippy tape layer to make things easier for you, and the swatter is powered by 2 AA batteries. A pair of batteries are supplied with the racket so you don’t have to delay your swatting – simply hold the on/off switch down and swing away, up to 100,000 times on a single set of batteries.

  • High quality materials
  • Effective
  • Long battery life
  • Struggles with large insects

2. Aspecteck Fly and Insect Killer

Aspecteck Fly And Insect KillerAspecteck’s electric fly and insect killer is a heavy-duty bug zapper. Using two UV bulbs, it can attract flies and mosquitoes (among other bugs) from up to 80 feet (24m), which equates to a square footage of around 5,000 (460m). The 20W model (pictured – a 30W model is available) is relatively low-energy, but relies on a serious 2,800 volt shock once insects have been lured in. At around 38cm wide by 27.5cm high, it cuts a relatively low profile, and also features a chain hanger should you want to mount it on the wall. However, non-slip feet also mean it can be left freestanding.

Specific design features also make this a user-friendly piece of kit. The electric grid is self-cleaning by merit of the charge, and there is a removable tray which collects the dead insects. This can then be washed and replaced, as can the outer protective net.

  • powerful
  • Easy manitenance
  • Not too big
  • Struggles with large volumes

3. Vermatik Pro Electric Fly Killer

Vermatik Pro Electric Fly KillerVermatik’s Pro Electric Fly Killer is an effective home solution for fly problems. Available in 4 different power settings (23W pictured, 16, 39 and 40W also available), it utilises two UV bulbs to attract insects in an area of up to 50m² and an electrically charged grid to dispatch insects in a chemical-free manner. The bulbs have a claimed lifespan of around 8,000 hours, making this fly killer quite an economical choice.

The unit is 35cm wide and 30cm high and should therefore fit fairly unobtrusively wherever you put it. It can be wall-mounted via a hanging chain, which is supplied, but can also be left freestanding. A removable tray also allows for easy disposal of dead insects and simple appliance maintenance.

  • Good coverage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low running costs
  • Noisy

4. Zap It! Bug Zapper

Zap It! Bug ZapperAdmittedly, the ‘Z’ logo on Zap It!’s Electric Bug Zapper racket looks a little like something you’d find on a superhero’s chest. But you will certainly feel powerful using this to dispatch flies and other bugs. With a mini and full-size version available, you can find one that comfortably suits your forehand swing, with a well-proportioned grid surface area to up your swatting accuracy. The grid utilises a massive 4,000 volt charge to effectively deal with flies and other insects, with a simple one button operation.

The racket is rechargeable via a USB port on the handle, and a useful super-bright LED light is also built into the handle. Therefore, it’s perfect day or night whether you’re indoors or out in the garden. Zap It! also offer a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee.

  • Very effective
  • Rechargeable
  • LED in handle
  • Flimsy supplied cable

5. Uoune Insect Killer Lamp

Uoune Insect Killer LampThis Insect killer lamp by Uoune offers up a solution to dispatching irritating flying insects for outdoor use. Whether in the back garden or out camping, this doubles up as both fly killer and mini lantern with 4 UV bulbs for the flies and 8 extra-bright LED bulbs, which can be cycle through three brightness settings as you need. Adding to its outdoor credentials is an IP67 waterproof rating, which protects it even from full immersion in water. This also makes it very easy to clean and dispose of any dead insects that have collected inside.

Rechargeable thanks to built-in batteries and a USB socket, it fully charges in around 3 hours and gives at least 5 hours of light, but up to 24 hours on the lowest light setting. It’s also incredibly compact at just 14cm high (not including hanging hook, which adds around 6cm) and 10cm in diameter, making it a great out-of-the-way choice.

  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Long life batteries
  • Rechargeable
  • Too small for large volumes

6. Xterminate XZAP30 Electric Fly Killer

Exterminate Xzap30 Electric Fly KillerThe XZAP30 by Xterminate is a powerful unit with strong feature sot make this a competitive purchase. Relying on a maximum output of 30W, this comfortably dispatches just about everything quickly and cleanly. Two UV bulbs (replacements are available from the manufacturer) emit UV light to roughly 80 square metres, giving a good enough range for most indoor applications.

Positioning is easy thanks to a supplied hanging chain, meaning you can wall- or ceiling-mount with ease – it also works as a freestanding unit. At 49cm wide and 31.5cm high it’s a little on the larger side, ideal for dealing with larger insects. A removable tray allows you to quickly and cleanly dispose of dead flies, made easier by the supplied cleaning brush. The outer casing is also corrosion- and scratch-proof.

  • Heavy-duty
  • Good range
  • Handles large insects
  • Short cable

Which Electric Fly Killer to Go for?

Best quality & features – Xterminate’s XZAP30 is the best choice for a combination of good quality and useful features. The 30W of power it uses, with a 38W maximum output, is more than enough to zap anything that stands in its way (except you, but you’re not really the intended target. Just don’t touch it, ok?). Being a slightly large unit also means it’s capable of dealing with those really big flies, but the supplied hanging chain give you the freedom to position it wherever you think is most effective. Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to the corrosion/scratch-proof casing and removable fly tray complete the quality all-round package.

Best for outdoors – Uoune’s camping lantern-shaped electric fly killer is purpose-built for the outdoors but takes up such a small amount of space it would make an indispensable part of your camping inventory. Doubling up as an actual lantern with up to 24 hours of light, it’s highly water-resistant to allow you the greatest of ease cleaning out dead insects. It also charges via USB, meaning you don’t have to lug any spare batteries around with you.

Best handheld fly killer – Zap It! and their Bug Zapper electric fly swatter give the best option for handheld electric fly killers. Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than dispatching an annoying bug than by your own hand, and the Zap It! is the best tool for that job. With a surprisingly high voltage for a handheld item, any flying bugs are quickly going to be toast, and a built-in LED light gives you the versatility to use it day or night.

Electric Fly Killer Buying Guide

Electric Fly Killer Buying GuideWhether you’re sat at the computer, trying to cook in the kitchen, or even outside enjoying the sun and a barbecue, flies and other flying insects can be a major buzzkill. If they’re a constant problem for you then an electric fly killer represents a very useful investment. This buying guide sums up the major things you need to take into consideration when you’re shopping for an electric fly killer.

What kind of bugs?

Obviously, common garden-variety houseflies are not the only airborne pest you might want to do something about when it comes to investing in an electric fly killer. Standard houseflies are usually attracted to UV lighting and so most fly killers utilise UV bulbs. A more traditional-looking unit with UV bar bulbs should take care of regular fly problems. Or, if your issue is those clusters/swarms of really tiny flies, then it might be worth looking into a different solution – you might benefit from a more industrial-standard electric fly killer that’s equipped to handle larger volumes.


Not everyone likes the aesthetic of a box on the wall with a series of bulbs emitting purple light, which is fair enough. As such, some electric fly killers do exist that are designed to fit more subtly into the home, disguised as subtle light fittings or something similar. So, if you don’t want your electric bug zapper to stick out too obviously then there are still options.

Of course, there is another design option which can make the process potentially…fun? The ‘tennis racket’ design of electric fly killers do bring a certain amount of whimsy to the whole thing, although naturally they’re only as effective as you are, so you’ll need plenty of practice to get your eye in.


Size follows a fairly straightforward logic here – for bigger rooms, you will probably need a bigger unit, as you want something that can permeate as much of the room as possible with the UV light to make sure those pesky flies actually get attracted to your trap. So consider the size of your room, whether it’s a larger-scale office situation or just your home kitchen – there are options to suit you no matter what.


The wattage of an electric fly killer can be important. Depending on how long you typically leave the electric fly killer switched on for will affect how much power you use and subsequently how much they cost to run.

Flies and other flying insects can really bug you. But you don’t just have to sit idly by while they become more and more of a nuisance around the home, as there are plenty of devices out there equipped to help you deal with them. Now, you’ve got everything you need to know when it comes to buying an electric fly killer for your home.



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