Camp Foods, Drinks, And Everything Under The Sun

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There’s no better feeling than checking out of work, ready for a week of fun and camping with friends. There’s so much flexibility and freedom to be had, and a person can feel so close to nature. Having said that, it’s important to bring everything you need with you as no shop can help if you’re in the middle of nowhere. 


When bringing freshly cooked food, you’ll need to eat it on day one. You’ll no doubt have packed your ice packs and cool box, but these things can only keep things cool for a day. Beware reheating meat dishes the next day, too. The most traditional and basic camping dish would be baked potato and beans, but there is so much else you can have. Bring a tin opener for tinned fish or fruit, but remember that tins will be heavy. Nothing will stop you from having chorizo, rice, pasta, halloumi, or flatbreads. There’s plenty of camping recipes you can find online that are perfectly designed for eating on the move. Or why not learn to fish and catch your food out in the field!


One key tip is to check if the water is drinkable where you’re going. If not, be sure to bring plenty of bottled water. If you have a vacuum flask, you can have a lovely hot drink like chocolate, tea, or coffee. It’s amazing how nice this is if it’s getting cold outside. You can even bring soup or hydration packs if you want some extra nutrition. You can also consider bringing sports drinks, they are great for energy. 


Choose things that are going to keep, and won’t suffer if it gets hot. Chocolate is great, but it does melt in the sun. Why not pack some cake bars or rice cakes? The latter options are pretty tasteless, but they are light to carry and you can put great things on them. Take some crisps and biscuits, dried fruit, and nuts. Apples are probably the best fruit that will last, but there are others you can bring, too. 

Leisure Items

Some people may decide to bring alcohol with them, at least for the first night. If you’re a hemp smoker, you’ll need to be prepared, too. It could be helpful to equip all the smoking accessories that you need. If you roll your own, you’ll need your papers and lighters, rolling trays, and the likes. Don’t forget to store them in a weatherproof container. 


You might feel strange wearing a headlamp, but it is very practical for traveling in the dark! Get a solar lantern, and you won’t have the usual issue with batteries going flat. It sounds corny to say you should bring a swiss army knife, but the different accessories can come in really useful. Bring a kettle, a camping stove, and some foldable seats. 

You may not have all the comforts you enjoy at home, but that’s part of the charm of camping. Create a great list in advance, and bring ample supplies of food and drink. You might even bring something for music, too. If you’re bringing tents, set them up at home first, to make sure they’re ok. You won’t want to find anything is missing or that they leak. There’s a lot to carry, but if you all take your fair share, you’ll have everything you need to have the perfect camping experience you deserve.


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