Easy & Healthy Turkey Curry Recipe

Easy & Healthy Turkey Curry Recipe 2

Easy & Healthy Turkey Curry Recipe 2

So it’s that time of year where it seems everyone is obsessed with dieting and weight loss. What can your eat what can what can’t you eat. There so many programs on at the moment about how we’re all nearly obese – depressing isn’t it! I for one am fed up of it all! Now don’t get me wrong, I do think I lead a generally healthy lifestyle but I don’t think ‘diets’ are fun, I think it’s time to look at food differently 🙂 To respect your body and it’s needs. It’s not about banning yourself from certain foods but encouraging yourself to eat a rainbow of foods 🙂 . So why not get started or encouraged with this healthy meal that is full of goodness and won’t make you feel like your missing out or guilty.

I like to describe this curry as fragrant and colourful – doesn’t that just sound like what your body needs?! And another bonus is this is quick to make and definitely can be done after a hard days work 🙂 I’ve used courgettes, green peppers and chickpeas in my recipe – if you don’t have these in just use what you have..carrots, sweetcorn, red or yellow peppers, mushrooms, celery…pretty much anything should work. I’ve also used turkey but chicken or quorn chicken will do 🙂 And if that’s not enough choice you could always go veggie with this curry and add a few part boiled potato chunks :). Hope you love this as much as I do – let me know what you think by commenting at the bottom!


Serves 3-4 Prep Time 10mins Cook Time 30mins Difficulty: Easy


  • 400g Turkey Fillets (cut up in to bite sized pieces)
  • 1 Onion (diced)
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic (crushed)
  • 1 – 2 Courgettes (Diced)
  • 1 Green Pepper (Diced)
  • 400g Chickpeas (Drained)
  • 400g Chopped Tomatoes
  • 200 ml Vegetable Stock
  • 3 Teaspoon Turmeric
  • 2 Teaspoon Chilli Powder
  • 6 Crushed Cloves
  • 6 Crushed Cardamon Pods
  • 1 Teaspoon Coriander
  • Pinch of Salt & Pepper
  • Teaspoon of Olive Oil

1. Cut up your turkey and pop into a frying pan which is greased with the olive oil (best brushed around the pan). Cook on a medium heat until sealed.

2. Cut up all of your vegetables and add to the pan and gently fry for 5 minutes.Easy & Healthy Turkey Curry Recipe 1

3. Add the chopped tomatoes (wash out the tin with a little water and add to the curry) and stir. Make up your vegetable stock and add to your pan.

4. Using a pestle and mortar ( A great piece of kitchen equipment for crushing spices – get one here on Amazon) crush your cloves and cardamon pods. For the cloves only use the ball like seeds on the top to crush, not the stalks :). And for the cardamon pods you will need to peel back the shells (helps by cutting a bit off the end) to reveal black seeds. Use a grinding technique not a ‘bashing’ technique and remember your not looking to ground the spices, just crush them :). Once your finished add to your curry, along with the turmeric, chilli powder, coriander and seasoning.

5. Bring to the boil and then turn down the heat to gently simmer for around 30 minutes. Serve with rice, brown rice or naan bread. Or leave to cool down and re-heat it for a delicious lunch the next day!

Easy & Healthy Turkey Curry Recipe 3


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