Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe

Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 6

Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 6

After Halloween had past I did wonder what I would use my new ‘Tangerine’ Sugar Flair colouring for now, will it be left in the cupboard till next Halloween?! I also had some left over oranges which I wasn’t too sure on what to do with, and then the two just clicked together…a literally orange cake with a classic and yummy dark chocolate ganache.

This cake is a classic combination of flavours, like a Terry chocolate egg in a cake! Yum! I took it into work for everyone to try and it went down well. The portion sizes are generous, the colour is vibrant and the flavours really work. When the cake is covered in gorgeous ganache, no one will guess the surprise inside waiting for them!


Prep Time 10mins Cook Time: 30-40mins Difficulty: Medium


  • 260g / 6oz Butter
  • 260g / 6oz Self Raising Flour
  • 260g / 6oz Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • Zest of 2 Oranges
  • Squeeze of Fresh Orange Juice
  • Dash of Milk
  • Dash of ‘Tangerine’ Colouring

For the Ganache

  • 240g / 6oz Dark Chocolate
  • 200ml Double Cream
  • A small knob of Butter (this will make the chocolate shine)

1. Preheat your oven to 180oc or gas mark 4 and line your cake tins with butter or baking paper.

2. Whisk together the butter and sugar till fluffy.Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 1


Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 2

3. Add one egg and a little bit of flour and mix. Add the remaining eggs, one at a time adding a little bit of flour every time (this prevents the mixture from curdling).

4. Add the remaining flour and mix.

5. Grate your oranges and add  the zest to the mix, with half of one of the oranges add a dash of orange juice and mix. Add a small dash of milk, mix. Finally add your food colouring and mix.Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 3

6. Split your mixture in to the the two cake tins and pop in the oven for around 30 – 40 mins. To test if they are ready prick your cake with a fork, if the the fork comes out clean they are ready, if the fork comes out with sticky mixture on it then leave your cakes a little longer :).

7. Once your cake is cooked, leave to  completely cool before spreading on the ganache.

8. To make the ganache put a bowl over a pan of boiling water.Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 4 Add the chocolate to the bowl and let it start to melt. Once it’s begun to melt add your cream and mix till you have a nice smooth mixture. Add the butter and again melt it in and mix. Now you can do several things with ganache, you can eiher drizzle it over your cake whilst runny or leave it to cool and it will thicken on it’s own (can take a while). With this Hidden Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe I let the ganache cool a little (around 15mis) and then I whipped it till it was a thick mixture that I could spoon on without it running. I then spooned the ganache in the middle of the cake and then covered the whole cake in ganache, giving it a rough ‘whipped’ look. It’s up to you how you would like to use the ganache it will still taste just as good. Enjoy, Em x

Hidden Dark Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe 5


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